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Anal rosebud virgin..  

Bobobobo2626 62M  
11 posts
1/31/2022 10:46 am
Anal rosebud virgin..

The moans were getting louder and the breaths were coming in gasps. That was my signal.

She was lying across the bed with her head on a pillow. Her wrists were cuffed and clipped a ring on a leather collar behind her head. I had been laying on the bed between and below her legs, spelling the alphabet on her clit with my tongue. was trembling in her belly and she was beginning make -movements with her pelvis against my face, and I knew it was time implement my plan. I slid off the side of the bed and pulled her toward me until her crotch was just off the edge. Standing at the side of the bed and pushing her knees toward her chest I slid my cock into her putting a drip of lube on my right thumb and replacing my tongue with it. In some ways she enjoyed my finger better because I was able to exert more pressure, which she liked.

With my other hand I slowly pulled open the top drawer in my nightstand where I kept my toys. was a thin, tapered vibrator which was sitting in a narrow tube full of pre-warmed lube.

For the last couple of weeks we had been having an argument. I was avid for ass-fucking and she had been completely turned off of it by hearing about bad experiences. Her best friend had chosen her first lover on the basis of looks and a big cock, and he had taken her ass many times, quite ruthlessly, and obviously cluelessly, and done some damage through his size and crudeness. And now my girlfriend was too frightened to try, despite my reassurance that many people enjoyed anal and did it properly. So I had chosen to take a chance and start trying it with her to show her directly what was possible.

I took the vibrator out of the drawer and thumbed it on, at the lowest setting. Pushing her leg up with my right hand until her hips were tilted upward, I pulled out and slid the of my cock back and forth over her clit, keeping the arousal going. With my left hand I brought the vibrator down between my legs and<b> touched </font></b>the to her anal rosebud. She spasmed and gave a long, low moan of pleasure. I played the of the vibrator back and forth across her anal rosebud for several minutes to ever louder moans, eventually releasing her leg, re-entering her, and returning my right thumb to its place on her clit.

The moans not got louder, they got longer, and my girlfriend kept her legs and her hips tilted without my having to hold them. As positive sign that she was liking it. And the gasping, trembling and spasming started to get serious. I felt a flush of pleasure and triumph.

Eventually, I put the of the vibrator right against her rosebud and began to press. It was a thin toy and went in quite easily, considering she was an anal virgin. She responded with a long, drawn-out moan and a gasped 'Oh fuck!' which I took as a good sign. As I fucked her vaginally and masturbated her clit I began to feel the first warning signs of cumming myself and knew it was time to move to the final phase. We had been going several minutes, and she was moaning and writhing with my cock in her pussy and the vibrator by now sliding deeply in and out of her ass, long enough that I was surprised she had not already cum. I suppose it was the novelty of anal penetration delaying her.

I put the toy on the nightstand, and slowly withdrew my cock, stroking her clit the whole time. I allowed the of my cock to slide down to her anal rosebud. For a time I contented myself with sliding the and down her ass crack, back and forth over her rosebud. She seemed to enjoy that, judging by the noises. But I was getting pretty to cum myself, so I rested the of my cock against her anus and began to push. Not too much at first. I could feel the head of my cock push between her sphincter muscles then come back out, which by itself was so pleasurable I had to start concentrating on not cumming. Each time I did her thighs and belly spasmed.

Things were getting close so I decided to go for gold, sliding my cock slowly and carefully, but continually, deeper into her ass. I started fucking her slowly and carefully, and it was almost painfully tight at first. She grimaced once or twice when it gave her a twinge of pain, but she never stopped me or made any complaint. After a few strokes My cock started to slide into her easier, and as I sped and went deeper she arched her back and began to vocalize.

'Oh, oh, oh,' she said each time I went in, the 'oh's' getting lower and longer and more urgent each time. Her body began to lurch with each thrust, and the 'oh's began to merge into long, low anxious sound. Suddenly her body clenched and she shouted 'Fuuuuuuuck!' and came, very hard. That set me off too. I could feel my cum spurting into her ass with exquisite pleasure. It seemed to go on and on, for both of us. After what seemed like forever it ended. I pulled out and flopped down on the bed next to her.

She looked at me, perhaps with an accusing look in her eye, because I had not asked her whether she wanted to do anal when we started fucking.

'Well,' she said, 'that was a lot better than I thought it would be'.

'Did you like it?' I asked.

'I could definitely do that again,' she replied. "It was different, but really good'.

Every good lover, especially a good dominant, pushes his sub a to expand her horizons.

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