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Facts and fantasies.
I am an avid writer of short erotica stories. Most of them are based on my own real experiences, but may have a greater or lesser amount on fantasy mixed in. All good tales deserve embellishment, don't they?
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The Abduction.
Posted:Feb 27, 2022 5:14 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2022 8:55 am

"You're kidding me, right?" Rick said.

We were sitting in a pub watching the game, and had turned back to out drinks over halftime. It has taken me a while to get up the courage to ask him this. "You want me to help snatch your own girlfriend?"

"I know it's weird," I replied, "But it's a fantasy Connie has had since forever, and she keeps on hinting that she want's it to happen. Hell, screw hinting, more like nagging."

"And what does this have to do with me?" Rick asked, although he already knew. Rick had an old Boogie Van that he had camperized, with an old futon that folded down into a twin bed, and small kitchenette with a propane stove, even a Porta-Potty disguised as a cabinet. The futon had an aluminum frame bolted right to the deck of the van, and was perfect for adding wrist and ankle restraints or whatever else you wanted.

"So you want me to lend you my van for a night. Is that it?"

"No actually," I replied with a grin. "I want you to help me abduct her."

"What?!"; he replied. "You're out of your mind!"

"Look. I can't snatch Connie and drive a getaway vehicle at the same time, and I don't want to let her know it's me. The fantasy of an actual kidnapping and forced strange cock has to be preserved or it will fall on its face."

"Snatching and forced strange cock?" Rick replied. "What the hell?"

"You're going to drive, while I fuck Connie in the back of the van, pretending to be someone she doesn't know" Rick sat back. "I'm going to hood her and tie her down," i continued, "and simulate her being sexually forced by a kidnapper." The skepticism on his face was obvious, but I could tell he was interested. He has always had the hots for my girlfriend and I knew the proposal turned him on a little. And it wasn't a REAL abduction, for god's sake. It was what Connie wanted. We only had to make it as realistic as possible. We returned to our drinks and the game, but as we parted he said simply, "I'm in." I knew he would be.

Back home Connie was watching CNC porn and getting horny. She had a real thing for , and as uncomfortable as it made me we simulated the R-word at least couple times a month, aside from our normal rough sex routine. I had spoken to her several times about safe words, but her attitude is that if you had safe words, it wasn't really non-consensual was it? She was fearless and very, very kinky. Added a layer of responsibility for me that I would have preferred not to have, but it was a turn-on manhandling her. Connie was five foot nothing and a hundred pounds soaking wet, but still had nice curves where they were needed, and she had a sex drive through the roof. She was the first girlfriend I had who could climax in any position just from penetration, although what woman doesn't like clit play?

I walked into the living room and flopped down of the sofa, and said "Sometime this week, or next." She looked at me puzzled and said "This week or next what?"

"What you've been asking for." But I didn't tell her when or what day. From the eager look on her face, I didn't have to.

About a week later Connie had a late shift at the restaurant, and I knew she'd be getting home around 11:00. That day I went over to Rick's place and did some prep on the futon. I attached web straps with can buckles to the corners of the bed for wrist and ankle restraint, and a tied a neck collar to the frame of the bed on one end. Rick and I planned exactly what we were going to do in advance so that no words need be spoken, and Connie could not recognize our voices. I had made a hood to go over her head out of a kind of nylon neck warmer that was easy to breathe through but blocked vision very well, and tested it out myself by wearing it while listening to a playlist for about half an hour, and had no problem. Rick and I waited in his van for Connie's car to come around the corner. When we saw it, we put our plan into action. I got out and waited behind a row of hedges that lined one side of the walkway to the apartment. They were about five feet tall and dense. Not a smart arrangement, security-wise. Peeking around the hedge corner I saw her, facing away from me, digging for her keys. The apartment did not have power lock or entry, so I struck.

I snuck up behind her, and before she could turn I slipped the hood over her head, clamping her mouth shut with my left hand and wrapping my right arm around her chest, pinning her arms and picking her right up off the ground. She got off one outraged "Hey!" and that was it. She was small. It was no problem. I carried her, kicking and trying to shout, across the lawn, where Rick was waiting by the sliding door of the van. I entered, forcing Connie face-down on the futon, while Rick ran around, got in, and started driving. A quick glance around confirmed that there was no one around and no witnesses. It had been all too easy. Our apartment was only a few blocks from the highway bypass, and multi-lane ring road right around the city, and once we got on it there would have been no way for Connie to alert anyone with her cries.

As Rick drove I got Connie restrained. It was no easy task. She fought and kicked until I got her down on her back, sitting on top of her with my full weight and pinning her arms to her sides beneath me. Of course after I removed my hand from her mouth she treated us to a steady stream of angry cries and invective. "Who the fuck are you guys?" and "This better be Gabe or there's going to be HUGE trouble!" and the like. I could have answered her but kept silent. I wanted her to be uncertain whether she had really been abducted by strangers or not, and you could hear a kernel of doubt in her voice. Eventually, using main force I managed to free one hand a a time, wrestle it into place, and lock it down, followed by the collar around her neck. Judging by the cursing she was breathing just fine. Still sitting on her and sliding down to her knees I was able to attach sturdy leather cuffs on her ankles and strap them down to the foot of the futon. I was able to slide off the bed, and after a brief struggle she gave up and lied sill. Shit, I was already tired from the fight.

But I had succeeded in maintaining the illusion. I had gotten her where I wanted her with letting her know who she was with, or whether this was real or the pre-arranged deal.

I began caressing her body through her clothes, and after a few more token objections, Connie fell silent. I knew from her breathing that she was aroused. She was wearing her usual restaurant uniform, black slacks and vest and a button-from white blouse. I pulled up the blouse and ran my hands on the bare flesh underneath it, and at first contact she gave a low moan. I undid her vest and pulled up her blouse, and began kissing her torso, which flinched at every kiss. She had never done that before, and I took it as a good sign that she wasn't 100% certain what was happening or whether it was me. I undid the buttons on her blouse and exposed her upper body, caressing it everywhere. I saw that she had followed the agreement, wearing a front-opening brand I assumed she had on the quick-release panties with the clips on the sides. I undid the bra and leaned over her, taking a nipple in my mouth. I had told her to just start wearing them every day. As Connie began to moan (she was a screamer during sex) poor Rick turned up the music to try and drown the sounds of her arousal out.

I licked and sucked Connie's nipples for a long time. They were very sensitive and usually did not take much play before she wanted to get me in her, but I spun it out in order to create more doubt in her mind, doing something different from my usual. I grazed her nipples with my upper teeth a few times, something that I had definitely NEVER done before, and I heard her say "Gabe?" obviously starting to doubt. She was very hot, writhing in place, and as my hand slid down between her legs to grip her pubic mound she arched her back, a sure sign she wanted cock in her. As I kissed her belly I undid her pants and pulled down her zipper, sliding the middle finger of my right hand down between her legs. Yes, she was soaking wet already.

Abruptly, something about that bothered me. Connie didn't know for certain it was me, although she probably thought it was. But I wondered for a moment, is this how she would react if she was really grabbed and fucked by a stranger? The mental aspects of this play were not that easy to deal with. Never were, for me.

I shook it off, standing up and pulling her pants and panties down to her ankles. Feeling confident, I removed the cuff from one ankle and pulled the clothing off, moving it to the corner of the futon, and strapping it down. Then I did the same to the other ankle. Connie was more than co-operative. I knelt at the end of the futon, sliding my arms under her legs and forcing the knees apart, none too gently, with my shoulders, and began to eat her pussy. I was forceful, going against my usual habits, licking her clit and tonguing her pussy urgently, using different movements and patterns than my norm. I had read about the benefits of spelling the alphabet with your tongue on a clit, so that's what I did. Whatever I did it worked. Connie came very hard and very loud, and even Rick had a hard time concentrating on the drive. Connie was never a squirter but did lubricate a lot, and I could see her juices flowing down between her legs and over her anal rosebud, so after giving her a rest for a minute or two I began stroking her anus with the tip of a finger, lubricated by her own pussy juices. She began to moan again, so i began stroking her clit wth my right thumb as I finger-fucked her anally. In short order she had a second, also very loud, orgasm.

At this point I couldn't restrain myself any more, so I pulled off my pants and underwear, thrust her knees to the side with my thighs, and fucked her with hard strokes. She moaned continuously, louder as I thrust in, until she got close to orgasm. She went quiet, but she started fucking me back with thrusts of her pelvis, faster and harder, until I came. I could feel my cum spirting into her, and that set her off for her third orgasm.

I stood up, tapping Rick on the shoulder, and nodded. That was the signal to head for the apartment. He looked over his shoulder and nodded back, and I noticed that he was shifting uncomfortably in his seat. The poor guy was super aroused and had a very big erection, from what I could tell. I tapped him on the shoulder, indicating an off ramp, and he pulled off, looking puzzled. I mimed that I should drive, pointed at him, and pointed at Connie. His eyebrows raised, and he mouthed 'You sure?' I shrugged as if to say 'Why the hell not?' and pointed to Connie again. He pulled over on the off ramp, scrambled out of the drivers seat, and I took over driving, using the overpass to turn around and head for home. As I sat there I realized that he had angled the rear-view mirror to watch the action in the back, so I did too.

Rick pulled off his pants and shorts, and I could see that his cock was noticeably bigger than mine. I wondered if Connie would notice, and the question was answered in short order. Rick waste no time unfastening Connie's ankles and pushing her knees up toward her chest. He reared above her, and from my angle I could watch his big cock plunging in and out of her pussy. Connie got even noisier, saying "Oh. God. Oh. God. Oh. God." alternating between the two words each time his cock drove in. Her pussy was really being stretched like it never had before, and I found myself regretting my moment of generosity. Rick fucked her faster and faster, harder and harder, until Connie literally screamed in orgasm, writhing so hard she almost bucked Rick off. I saw him pause, tremble, and heard him groan as his cum shot into her, adding to mine.

The timing was perfect. As I pulled off the bypass into our neighbourhood, rick had cleaned up as best he could with a towel, and gotten Connie's clothes back on. As he took over the drivers seat, I unfastened Connie, leaving the hood on, and holding her by the wrists from behind, walked her back to the apartment door. She was none too steady on her feet. I let her go and dodged behind the hedge again. I watched her through a small gap in the hedge as she leaned her forehead against the wall for a few moments, then standing up fumbled for her keys and unlocked the door.

As she went through the door I heard her mumble. "Thank you. Oh my fucking god. Thank you."
Cuckholded: A true story of actual events.
Posted:Feb 24, 2022 9:26 am
Last Updated:Feb 24, 2022 9:30 am

It was 3:00 AM, and I had been fast asleep, feeling a little under the weather.

My Fiancee Lori had gone stag to an office party, which she told me was employees only (I later found out that was bull), and I had gone to sleep early. I had been awakened by a noise I couldn't identify, being sleepy and groggy. I laid there hoping to fall back asleep, but the noise kept going. I couldn't identify it. It sounded like people talking, but I couldn't understand the words. Pulling on my pyjama bottoms I went to the bedroom door and opened it. The noise got louder, and resolved itself into some kind of mumbling or groaning. I still had no idea what it was, so I stepped out into the hall.

Then I saw it.

The hall of our apartment connected directly to the living room, coming out just behind the sofa which was in the middle of the floor. On the other side of the room the wall was mirrored with those cheesy '70's glass tiles, and in the mirror I saw two people reclined on the sofa. From where I was standing I could only the top of one head, and neither of them could see me. From the looks of the action in the mirror they were too preoccupied to notice me standing in the hall, twenty feet away, anyway.

It was my fiancee Lori, and a guy named Brock I had met at other office get togethers.

They were kissing passionately, and Lori's top was off. He was still fully clothed. She was wearing her favourite front-opening bra, which was still closed. Brock's hands were all over her and she was moaning. She had tried to keep it down and wasn't succeeding, and her moans and their whispered pillow-talk was what woke me. Oddly, Lori was fending off his hands as he tried to caress her anywhere there was naked flesh, or if he tried to undo her bra. One of his hands was between her legs, massaging her pubic mound through her clothes, which was producing the moaning, but she pushed his hands away when he tried to pull down her pants or remove any other clothing. I could see from his expression that he was getting a little frustrated and angry, but Lori was so aroused she didn't notice it but was content to bury her tongue in his mouth.

As for myself I went through a whole gamut of emotions. I was furious, jealous, resentful (she was way more turned on with Brock than she ever was with me) and hurt. But strangely, I was also hugely turned on, and within seconds had the biggest, hardest erection I'd had in years. I continued to watch them and began to jerk myself off, but as time went on and Lori continued to fend Brock's hands off I began to get impatient myself, wanting to see more action. It felt strange, but for the first time since we got engaged I WANTED to watch Lori get fucked. You can't fuck a woman and watch her getting fucked at the same time, right?

So I dropped down onto my hands and knees and crawled up to the back of the sofa, where I could hear Brock pleading 'C'mon, let me. Let me.' and Lori's breathy 'No.' I decided to take matters into my own hands. Lori was laying on her back with her head on a throw pillow at one end of the sofa, so I crawled to that end and peeked over the arm. I mean, I was RIGHT THERE, but they were so busy they didn't even notice me. My heart was in my throat. Suddenly I reached up and grabbed Lori's wrists, pulling them up and over her head, and over the arm of the sofa, toward me. And I gripped hard. Her arms weren't going anywhere.

Brock stood up in a panic, seeing me for the first time. But he must have been a flexible guy, because I just nodded toward Lori with my head, saying 'Now's your chance'. Lori's only reaction was to let out a long, low moan. I was expecting fireworks, but I also know that Lori was into a little bondage, and she didn't care.

Brock wasted no time. As I knelt beside the sofa holding Lori's hands I had a ring-side seat, plus I could still watch the action in the mirror. Her bra was unhooked in a moment and her nipples were in his mouth. She responded by writhing and moaning even louder. He pulled off her pants and panties and began liking her pussy, and she came, very quickly, It almost made me cream my pyjamas. Once again much more intense and erotic than she ever was with me. He took off his clothes and climbed on top of her, fucking her hard, and he came very quickly too. God knows how long he had been playing the patient foreplay game, but it must have been a while, because only a minute or two later he was done.

"Leave," I told him, and he obliged quickly, putting on his clothes and looking extremely embarrassed the entire time.

I stood Lori up, still holding her wrists, pulling her to the bedroom. She was unsteady on her feet, and I could smell liquor as soon as she was close to me. She was pretty drunk. I pushed her on the bed face-down, with her legs hanging off and her feet on the floor.

"Whatcha gonna do?" she slurred.

"I'm not taking Brock's sloppy seconds," I said, so I pulled open my nightstand drawer and pulled out a jar of lube. One thing Lori had never let me do was anal, and I realized that right at that moment I didn't care much what she liked one way or another. So I poured some lube down her ass crack and pushed the head of my cock into her anal rosebud. She made a few feeble complaints, but was probably too inebriated to really care.

So I fucked her firmly in the ass until I felt my cum spurting into her. she crawled up on the bed and promptly passed out, while I went to the kitchen and made myself a coffee, trying to figure out how I felt about what just happened.
The new girl pops her submission cherry.
Posted:Feb 22, 2022 3:55 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2022 8:48 am
Sammie was getting nervous.

She stepped out of her car at the hotel where Gabe was staying. They were going to meet for dinner, then he was going to introduce her to the world of Submission. Sammie had met Gabe on a website. They had chatted for about a month, exchanging personal details and contact information, but let's face it, anyone can say anything about themselves texting. She had exchanged selfies, so she had some idea of what he looked like, but even selfies can be manipulated to present a false appearance.

Sammie really hoped this guy was as advertised. In her late twenties, she had not had a very fulfilling sex life. The lovers she had taken of her generation seemed disinterested and impatient, crawling onto her, satisfying their needs, and rolling off to sleep or back to their gaming. And the sex had all been routine, very vanilla, and uninspiring. She had not had much interest in it, and the orgasms that were not hard to come by were self-inflicted ones. She had seen Gabes profile on a website and read his blog. He wrote erotic fiction and had a real way with words, and you could tell by the details that he had really walked the walk. His stories fired her blood in a way she had never imagined she'd feel, and she had started the correspondence with him. They had chatted about the world of BDSM, and she had discovered that the idea of submitting to a man and putting herself in his power resonated somewhere deep inside her. In fact, the thought that she was going to meet a man she would submit to caused an ache in her groin. She hoped that his being twice her age would not put her off, and that maturity and experience would be benefits tonight.

When she stepped into the restaurant she spotted him immediately, and took a moment to look him over before he noticed she was there. What she saw was a relief. Gabe looked like a nice, average guy. He was shaven-headed, with a salt and pepper goatee, and he looked trim and fit. There were no tats, no spiked leather vest, no piercings or adornments, no motorcycle chaps. He was wearing a blazer and dress shirt, and looked un-scary and respectable. Even though you could see in his face that he was in has fifties, she found him quite attractive. She was relieved by that. Gabe looked and spotted her, waving and giving a cheery smile. As she walked to the table she got her first reminder of who he was and why they were there. As she approached his eyes ran and down her body, assessing her and watching her move, and the look on his face became lustful. Perhaps even predatory. Gabe obviously liked what he saw. Sammie found it exciting.

Gabe stood politely as Sammie approached, a display of manners that would never occur to men of her generation, and as she put out her hand out to shake his he took a step closer, took her by the wrist instead of shaking hands, puller her toward him and kissed her. Not passionately, but lingeringly, not just a peck on the cheek. In full view of the other patrons. He kept his hand on her wrist until she sat down, and the contact was like an electric shock through her body. She managed to stay composed, although she could already detect the first signs of moistness down below. They had a nice meal and conversation, with glasses of wine. Gabe was smart, funny, and engaging, and Sammie found a lot of her nervousness dispelled. When they were done Gabe signalled to the waiter and the bill, then smiled at her and said 'lets go to the room'. When they left the restaurant, which was in the hotel, he very subtly took her by the wrist again instead of holding hands. She felt dominated. She loved it. Her nipples showed the first signs of hardening.

As they walked toward his room Sammie could already feel her mind slipping into a foggy haze of lust. This was already a very different experience than what she had already head, anticipation instead of resignation. As the door to his room opened and she stepped through, her pussy was already aching with need and very wet, and he hadn't even touched her yet. Gabe led her straight to the side of the bed. She could see that he had prepared for her in advance. There was an armchair in the room with a round table beside it, and on the table were various toys, a set of soft cuffs with clips, a bottle of lube, a blindfold, and a whip with many soft rubber tails. At the corners of the mattress were thick straps with metal clips on the ends, all arranged to point into the centre of the bed. Sammie's breath caught at the sight. "Hotel beds are lousy for bondage," Gabe said. "You need a special setup you can run right under the mattress." He indicated the headboard, which was nothing more than a decorative piece of wood screwed into the wall. 'No anchor ," he chuckled.

Sammie stood there, uncertain, incapacitated by need. Gabe just took over.

He walked to Sammie and took her wrists, pushing them behind her and pulling her close. His mouth sought hers, and their tongues met another's eagerly. Sammie found herself softly moaning, already, as the fire from her mouth spread through her entire torso. She kissed Gabe hungrily, hardly noticing his left hand creep to grasp her hair, or his right hand move to grasp her throat, until suddenly her head was pulled firmly backward and his hand form a collar around her neck, squeezing slightly. He kissed and gently bit her exposed neck, and the feeling of vulnerability made her want to melt. After a time that was all too short, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down to her knees. Stepping forward, he said in a commanding voice "You know what to do." Her hands fumbling, Sammie unclasped Gabe's pants and pulled down his underwear, exposing a semi-erect but rapidly hardening cock. She took it in her mouth. The natural smell of him intoxicated her like hard liquor. she placed her hands on his thighs, and her mouth went back and forth on him, taking his cock as deep as she could. She heard soft moans, and felt a thrill of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Gabe stepped back and sat in the armchair, leaving Sammie on her knees. She made as if to rise, and Gabe said sharply "No!" She sunk back onto her knees as he regarded her steadily. "Spread your knees," he said and she did so without thinking. She watched his eyes drink her in for a minute or , lingering on the crotch of her clothing as if studying or planning. His gaze on her crotch made her pussy pulse with need. "Stand ," he suddenly said. She did so. "Take off your clothing but leave your underwear on," he commanded. Sammie stripped slowly, imagining herself to be of those women who did it professionally and knew what they were doing. Gabe's eyebrows raised. "Well done," he said 'Good ." The praise brought warmth to her cheeks. Gabe regarded her steady for several minutes more, eyes lingering on her breasts and the crotch of her panties. His hard cock stood erect like a flagpole, and Sammie had the urge to throw herself forward and take it into her mouth, but she knew she dare not. As Gabe's gaze lingered on her panties she imagined he could already see the wet spot she could feel was forming.

Gabe beckoned with his hand. Sammie walked forward until she was standing between his knees. He had not even begun pleasuring her and she felt weak with desire. After a long period under his inspection, which Sammie suspected he lengthened just to impose his will, he at last reached up, circling her hard nipples through the bra with the index fingers of his hands. The electric sensation made her knees weak for a moment and they buckled slightly. Sammie had to haul herself back upright. Gabe leaned forward until his face touched her lower belly, and he inhaled deeply. She knew he could smell her arousal. "Delicious," he said, and slid finger between her legs, sliding it back and forth across her crotch from anus to clit, outside the panties. Sammie gasped, then had to fight to stay upright as her hips involuntarily began to grind against his finger. "Take off your bra and panties," he commanded, sitting back. She unclipped her bra and tossed it to the side, and slid her panties down. Gabe smiled when he saw the wet spot. "Now feed me your nipples," he commanded. Sammie leaned forward, putting her palms on the back of the air chair and Gabe reaching up, caressing her breasts with his hands, guiding first one nipple then the other into his mouth as her breasts hung suspended over him. He licked and nibbled them, and sucked them hard. Sammie felt them swell to a size they had never been, protruding well into Gabe's mouth as he nursed. Sammie lurched as Gabe's right hand drifted down between her legs and his finger began to stroke her clit. She began to moan, and her knees began to get weak again.

Gabe pushed her back a few steps and stood . He took Sammie by the wrist and led her to the bed, pushing her on it. "Kneel," he told her, "knees apart. Put your head on the bed." Sammie went onto her hands and knees, then dropped down with her ass in the air. She could hear Gabe move to the table, and there was rustling. Suddenly, she felt him take a wrist and fasten a leather cuff on it. He did the same on the other side. Then, taking a large carabiner, he clipped her wrists together and pulled them out in front of her as far as she could reach, putting her the the position of submission. She was near the foot of the bed, her feet just hanging over it, and she heard Gabe walk behind her and pause. She could not see, looking down at the bedspread, but her pussy pulsed at the thought of him back there and what he could do. Gabe began to glide his fingertips in gentle caresses, all over her calves and thighs, hips and ass, for long minutes. Sammie had never had anyone caress her so long. Eventually his fingertips slid over the sides of her pussy, and one hand sliding gently back and forth over her anal rosebud. Sammie could almost cum just from that.

Suddenly an electric shock ran through her. Gabe had leaned forward and licked her pussy in a long even stroke. She gasped and moaned, and Gabe continued to pleasure her, licking her pussy while stroking her anus, until she was mere seconds from orgasm. Sammie had a hard time believing it. No-one had ever worked to bring her to orgasm like this. Her body began to quiver and spasm and she could not keep still. Gabe wrapped his left arm around her thighs from behind, and his finger took over on her clit as his tongue moved to her ass. She was so close. Suddenly his tongue entered her ass, and it pushed her over the edge. Her body clenched and spasmed, and her legs straightened involuntarily, as waves of pleasure washed over her. Gabe's strong arm kept her in place with his tongue in her ass and his finger on her clit, which he vibrated gently from time to time giving her aftershocks of pleasure. Nothing she had ever done for herself felt like this.

It was by far the most intense orgasm she had ever had.

Gabe let her collapse on the bed, caressing her body as she lay there. It was the most incredible feeling. After a few minutes of pampering, Gabe snapped "On your knees." He grasped her bound wrists in his right hand and hauled her back , bring them , over and behind her head. She was sitting on the corner of the bed with her feet hanging over the edge and her left knee near the edge, and he was standing beside her on the floor. "Knees apart!" he commended, shoving them until they were spread and she was exposed. Gabe put his left hand on her throat, just tight enough for her to feel vulnerable and apprehensive, and his mouth descended on hers. She let it fall open, and was content to simply feel his tongue ravaging hers. His left hand slipped down from her throat and began squeezing and rolling her nipples, and they became hard again. Incredibly, after such a good orgasm, the ache between her legs began to grow again , and got worse as Gabes' hand slid down her tummy. He began to stroke her clit, and within minutes her body was writhing again, and she was moaning into his mouth. She was trembling and quaking, and when Gabe pulled his mouth back from hers and said 'You may cum if you wish," It was like a signal for her to climax. Pleasure coursed through her, starting at her clit where he had not stopped stroking, and radiating through her belly and the tops of her thighs. She gave a long, loud 'Ooooohhhh' as her belly spasmed, and she would have fallen over again had Gabe not been holding her .

Suddenly a look of fierce need appeared on Gabes' face and he pushed her over onto her side and then onto her back. His hands slid under her shoulders, both hands pulling her arms and behind her, griping both of her wrists, and Sammie felt his legs spreading hers with a strength she could not has resisted had she wanted to. As it was, she felt almost boneless with desire. He laid down on her and she suddenly felt his cock enter her, thrusting hard. Gabe had lost his patience, and he simply fucked her with powerful strokes until she felt him stiffen. He groaned, and she could feel the pulsing of his cock as his cum spurted inside her. His orgasm set her off again, and she climaxed as well with him still thrusting hard. She writhed as the sensation became almost too intense and the thrusting went on and on, but of course there was nothing she could do about it, and she discovered that she loved THAT too.

After a few minutes rest, Gabe sat , kneeling at her feet. "There," he said. "You never had any sexual problem, you just needed to submit."

Hearing it, Sammie realized that it was true, and a tremendous feeling of peace and content spread through her.
Outdoor adventure ends in a surprise.
Posted:Feb 15, 2022 1:01 pm
Last Updated:Feb 15, 2022 2:54 pm

It was a scorcher of a day.

Sweat was rolling down my temples, despite the bandana, which had soaked everything it was capable of early on. I could feel the sweat on my back, sticking my shirt to my body under the daypack I was wearing. To make matters worse, Lara and I were hiking through a narrow gorge with the sun directly overhead. It was like walking through a furnace, on the kind of blistering hot, cloudless day that was rare in the mountains. There was no air movement. The trail curved along a rushing creek which had steep cobbled sides, and although cool water was temptingly close, there was no safe access for people who did not want to risk a turned ankle. Around us the snow-capped mountains rose with the promise of coolness, but there was none for us.

Lara was walking ahead of me. She had always like to take the lead, and I was fine with that. She was petite, and very fit, foot and maybe a hundred pounds soaking wet. She had sandy blonde hair which she wore in a braid that hung down to her shoulder-blades, and had muscular but nicely curved legs and of the best asses I had ever seen. It was firm, round, and just the right size. She was wearing form-fitting trekking shorts and a t-shirt, and as she walked I could watch the muscles of her legs and ass move and play. I could follow that ass for miles without hardly noticing the scenery, and that's why I was happy for her to be always in front. Lara knew. I had told her in so many words soon after we met.

We had met on the east cost along an oceanside trail. Lara was very fit because she was a long-distance runner, but had not had that much experience backpacking when I met her. She had made the mistake of trying a long, multi-day trek in new hiking boots, and was suffering from blisters at the side of the trail when I encountered her. Lucky for her I never left home without a steady supply of moleskin bandages, which are an amazing cure for blisters, and Lara was quite happy to do the rest of the trail with me to stay close to the supply. I thought it a stroke of luck, because Lara was quite lovely, out of my league I thought. We spent almost a week on the trail, and discovered a strong enough mutual attraction that at the end of the hike, sweaty, sticky and in desperate need of a shower, we agreed to share a hotel room. That night we fucked each other for so long that we had difficulty getting out of bed on time for check-out. Or rather I fucked her. We discovered right away that Lara was both passive and submissive in bed, and that I took to dominance like a fish to water.

Lara stopped on trail and turned to me. 'Fuck it's hot!' she exclaimed, wiping the sweat with her formarm. 'Is there anyplace to rest up ahead'? She looked down wistfully at the cool creek, so near and yet so far. I had been on this trail several times previously, but it was her first time in the mountains. I nodded. 'I've got a special surprise for you', I replied, 'but its about another twenty minutes ahead. I turned her around and gave her a shove on the shoulder. 'Just keep marching soldier'. Eventually the gorge opened out into a flood plain and the creek became braided, with the trail descending right to the bank. Lara sighed and started to remove her daypack, but I said 'No. This isn't it. more minutes.' and kept walking. As we rounded a steep mountain shoulder we came to a place where a narrow crevice opened to the right of the main trail. There was a freshet of cool, clean water running down it, and next to the stream was a narrow path, more than a game trail, that was easily overlooked unless you knew it was there. ' here,' I said, motioning with my hand and heading the path.

A few hundred yards , and past a bend which shielded the path from the main trail, we found it. A point at which the freshet dropped over an foot undercut into a plunge pond, forming a miniature waterfall and a basin about feet wide. 'Ooh,' said Lara, 'that looks nice'! I dropped my pack and stripped off my sweaty clothes, then waded into the pond. The water was cold and clean, coming direct from snow melt near the top of the peak, and the pond was a over waist deep. Perfect for lounging in. I stood under the waterfall, rinsing the sweat off my body, feeling the eddies clean all my cracks and crevices. I waded back across the pond, feeling comfortable between the coldness of the water and the heat of the sun.

Lara waded in eagerly, naked but not bothering to undo her braid, and stood under the waterfall rinsing the sweat out of her hair. I sat back on the moss admiring the view. She was quite lovely, and the cold water had the very pleasant effect of hardening her nipples and making them erect. The sight of them was starting to make ME erect. She looked at my cock and shook her head. "You are incorrigible,' she said with a grin, but allayed those words by wading back across the pond and taking my cock in her hand, stroking and down until it was fully erect. I put my hand on the back of her head and pulled her down, and she took my cock in her mouth and began circling her tongue around the . 'Fabulous,' I said, digging my fingers firmly into the hair on the back of her head.

Suddenly I heard a noise, like footsteps scrabbling on rock. I pushed Lara away and stood , craning my neck uphill in the direction of the noise, while she picked up her T-shirt and held it on front of her. I could see nothing, and after a few minutes of no further sound I relaxed. Lara had climbed out of the pond and was shivering a from the cold water, so I knelt down and turned her to face away from me, pulling her back against me to warm her with my body. My heat and the warmth of the sun soon did the trick.

Lara relaxed against me, and soon my hands began to wander of their own accord. They moved around in front of her, cupping her breasts and squeezing the nipples between thumb and forefinger. She gasped and arched her head back. Lara's nipples were like an 'instant on' switch. After a minute or of having them played with she was always very wet and ready to cum. As my left hand continued to glide gently back and forth across her breasts, my right hand fumbled in my daypack until I found a stretchy tent cord. Pulling her arms behind her I tied her wrists together, twining the cord around her forearms right to her elbows, pulling them behind her back. Lara was very flexible. I pushed her forward until her head and knees were on the moss, and I entered her from behind. Sure enough, she was ready and more than ready for me. I fucked her hard, hand holding her braid like a leash and the other pulling her wrists back and upward, and she began to moan louder and louder. 'No harm done,' I thought. 'There 's nne to hear'.

I was wrong.

Hearing a quiet scratching sound and catching motion out of the corner of one eye I looked up suddenly, and there he was. He was about my age, with long hair pulled back and a bit of a scruffy beard. He was carrying a very large pack , and he looked strong and fit. He was sitting on the rock ledge above the plunge pond with his forearms resting on his knees and a big grin on his face. 'Oh don't mind me,' he said with a German or Austrian accent. 'Bitte, carry on. Very entertaining'.

At the sound of his voice Lara lurched upright, her arms jerking as she tried to cover herself. All she accomplished was displaying her whole body to him, and his eyes drank her in appreciatively. He stood up, and I could see Lara's eyes wander to the very large bulge in his trekking shorts. He had been watching for a while, obviously. He and Lara locked eyes, and I could see the expression on her face change from alarm to something else. I felt a sudden stab of jealousy, but instead of urging to him to walk on I had a sudden impulse, and went with it. 'Over here', I said, motioning to the mossy bank. Lara looked at me searchingly, and I at her questioningly, and she gave a nod. I could see a blush of colour come onto her face and neck, and I knew that she understood what was going to happen and was aroused by it.

Then man came down, dropping his pack and kneeling as we were, on the moss. He unzipped his fly, exposing an uncut and very large cock. I bent Lara over and entered her from behind again, as she swallowed his cock eagerly in front. Once again I felt a brief surge of jealousy, but I also admit that the sight of my woman deep-throating another man was very erotic. I fucked her hard from behind while her head went and down over his cock. At first he sat back and took it, but eventually he started to gasp, and he took Lara's head between his hands and began to mouth-fuck her, thrusting hard. I was getting closer to climax too.

Suddenly he groaned and gave a prolonged thrust. The sound of Lara gulping down his cum made me cum too, very hard.

He sat back for an instant, and I pulled Lara back against me, kneeling but erect. He eyed her body as he zipped back , and made as if to stand. 'Wait a minute,' I said. We have done nothing for Lara.' He grinned. 'Genau,' he replied, sinking back to his knees. I shifted my grip on her, moving my left arm between her arms and back, and pulling her hair backward to tilt her mouth upward toward him. Over her shoulder I could see his hands squeezing her nipples, and she began to moan again. The sound made me hard, right away, to my surprise. I saw his hand slide down her tummy and between her legs, until my view was cut off as his mouth descended on hers. As they kissed passionately she began to moan into his mouth, and as her hips began to make fuck-movements I realized that he must be masturbating her. Her moaning got louder and louder as she knelt there erect, trapped between men, and her fuck-movements began to push back against my cock. It was still wet from my cum and her juices. Spreading my knees a , I allowed her own movements to begin impaling her anally on me, and I slowly pushed deep into her ass.

Her pelvic writhing got faster and faster and her moans more and more urgent, until suddenly she tore her mouth away from the long, long kiss, looked to the sky, and screamed. Her entire body clenched as she came, hard and long, and the sound of her cumming caused me to shoot another jet of hot cum into her ass.

Exhausted, she fell to her side on the moss and I sat back on my heels. The man stood , grinning, and shouldered his pack. He stuck his hand out and I shook it, and he said:

'Danke schön. You know, I really like this country'
Fucking close to water.
Posted:Feb 14, 2022 8:53 am
Last Updated:Feb 20, 2022 5:27 am

It was hot on the lake.

My new friend Anika and I were paddling, she in a rather brief bikini and me in swim shorts, both with life jackets of course. We were crossing to an island in the middle of the lake in a rental canoe. Anika was German, and I figured I'd show her a genuine Canadian experience. You could tell she had never done it before because I had to work hard to keep the canoe in line as she pushed it out. That was okay, I had taken the rear seat for that very reason. I was an experienced paddler and Anika was by far the hottest woman I had ever spent time with: blonde, blue-eyed petite, great curves. I had met her at a house party of a friend of mine who owned business that had some kind of exchange program and she was here for the summer on an internship. As he was married and with a new infant, he asked me to see her around to the various attractions. It was no burden, I tell you.

Suddenly Anika stopped paddling and rested her oar across the gunwales, chuckling.

'What's funny?" I asked.

"Should I tell you a German joke I just remembered?" she replied.


"Why is American beer like sex in a canoe?"


"Because it's fucking close to water!" she laughed. "I've never fucked close to water, but now I get the double meaning".

I began to get a little apprehensive, and the horny part of my brain, already turned on by seeing her in a brief bikini, kicked it up a notch. Then she stood up, a very foolish thing to do in the middle of a lake, and the canoe rocked side to side. She began to turn around, so I told her to sit back down, remain on the seat, swing her legs around, and pivot to face me. Even doing that rocked the boat. A lot.

"Would you like to fuck me, close to water?" she asked. she began to undo the snaps on her life jacket, and I could see those lovely firm breasts. I was a little shocked. It was a Saturday afternoon and the lake was pretty busy. There were other boaters passing back and forth and a few water skiers raising waves that made me want to get across open water as fast as possible. But when she pulled her bikini top down below her breasts and showed me her sweet pink nipples all caution went out the window.

She knelt in the bottom of the boat and leaned toward me, feeding me her nipples one at a time, and damn it, I couldn't help but suckle. She began to moan, but she had the presence of mind to undo the snaps on my life jacket. My swimsuit was stretchy, and instead of pulling it off she merely lifted it to one side, and her mouth descended onto my cock. She gripped the side of the boat with one hand and my cock with the other, as her mouth went up and down on it. I could feel her making circles on the tip with her tongue, which was driving me to orgasm REALLY fast. so I pushed her back, saying "My turn".

Anika went back to the front seat and leaned back. She had bottoms which tied on the sides, which she slowly pulled in a kind of mini-striptease, until her pussy was exposed. It was my first time seeing a landing strip. I knelt forward carefully, rocking the canoe much less, and began to feast. Anika's moans became quite loud, and other boaters began to notice. I hear raucous laughter and crude shouts of encouragement, and despite the tasty feast I could feel my cheeks begin to burn.

A kayaker veered close by us and shouted "Fuck her once for me!" then departed laughing.

Moaning and trembling, Anika pulled me forward until my mouth met hers, and as carefully as possible I began to fuck her. it was quite a job, fucking her but not spilling the canoe. The cold water would have put an end to the experience pretty quickly. She fucked me back with her pelvis, and was a lot less cautious about our tippy boat. Suddenly her body clenched and she said "ooh, orgasmus, orgasmus" in a strained voice, and as she spasmed beneath me an absurd part of my brain said 'hey, pretty close to english'. Even as I was thinking that, her pussy clenched around me hard, and I came too, pretty strongly considering the precarious situation.

When I told her about it later we both had a laugh.

*authors note*

No offence to my American friends. This was a real story and that is a real joke in Germany apparently. They DO have the worlds best beer!
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A complete stranger.
Posted:Feb 4, 2022 8:49 am
Last Updated:Mar 28, 2022 7:41 am

She sat on the edge of the hotel room bed, waiting for him.

They had met online, and knew nothing about one another aside from the fact that they were both married and could be relied on to keep this meeting secret. She had chosen his profile based on a frontal picture of him from the knees to the chest naked, and she had posted the same on her profile. She did not know what he looked like and had studiously avoided learning anything else about him, or telling him anything else about her. They had only had one or two short conversations on an instant messaging app, using disposable aliases, to set this meeting up. They would never meet again, by previous agreement.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her feet and knees together, nervously waiting. Again by previous agreement, she was blindfolded. He would not be.

Her anticipation spiked as she heard footsteps coming down the hotel corridor. It was mid-afternoon. The hotel was nearly empty. It was probably him. Surely enough the steps stopped at the door and she could hear it opening. She began to tremble a little. Nerves, fear, anticipation, and lust. She knew she was lubricating already. She heard him walk across the room and sit on the bed beside her. By previous agreement, no words were spoken, nor would they be.

His hand under her chin turned her head toward his and she felt his lips on hers. With a shaky sigh she opened her mouth and they began kissing one another passionately. They kissed a long time, how long she couldn't say. A red haze of desire was descending on her and she was losing track. She lifted one arm and put it behind his neck, pulling him to her as his hands began to explore her body through her thin summer dress, lingering over her erect nipples. Electric shocks travelled from the tips of her breasts all through her body, but especially down to her groin, which began to ache with need.

She felt him stand up and move in front of her, and firm hands on her shoulders pushed her down on her back. The same hands pulled her knees up above her chest, sliding her dress up, above her hips. Suddenly she gasped and lurched, as a finger scratched her clit through her panties. He continued, pressing harder, until she had to make an effort to keep silent. His hands slid up the sides of her hips and gripped the waistband of her panties, and he knelt and began to kiss the insides of her thighs, back and forth across her groin. He began to pull the panties down, slowly slowly oh so slowly, and she could feel his lips kissing and nibbling her pussy and clit through the fabric, until she had to fight to stop herself from screaming:

'Just pull the fucking things OFF!'

When he did pull them off, which felt like it took an hour, he paused, teasing her, the fucker. Then she had to clamp a hand over her mouth as his tongue pressed against her clit and began to make small circles on it. Pleasure coursed through her, an aching need and fire, like she never felt with her husband. Hubby was a nice man but indifferent in bed, and he had never made her feel like this. She could feel her belly and thighs start to shudder and knew that an orgasm was coming.

My god, so fast.

She heard him stand up, listened to the sound of a belt being unbuckled and a zipper being unzipped, and she knew what was coming. She could hardly breathe. She felt him enter her. Just the tip at first. A few inches. For what seemed like forever he entered her shallowly then pulled out, rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit, then entering her again. Each time he entered her he went deeper, and she wanted to reach down, grasp his hips, and pull him all the way in, hard. But they had agreed that she would be passive, a recipient, and he would do what he wanted.

She felt his hands grasp her thighs and pull her toward him and suddenly he rammed himself into her, forcefully and all the way. He then fucked her with hard thrusts, each thrust separated by a pause, and she had to place both hands over her mouth to stop herself from moaning or calling out. He himself was admirably silent, although through the red haze she could hear his breath whistling harder and harder through his nostrils, and the intervals between the thrusts got shorter and shorter. Eventually he was just fucking her like a ram, and despite his promises intermittently humming through his nose.

When she came it felt like her bones were melting. Simultaneously, every muscle in her body clenched, and she could at last not hold herself back from a long, but quiet 'Aaaaaahhhhhh!' She felt suspended in time and space, lost control of her body, and even lost consciousness for just a few seconds. he was still hammering away at her, prolonging the orgasm, making it go on and on. After who knows how long he gasped and held his breath, grinding out a very quiet moan, and she could feel his cum jetting into her pussy for long moments. A feeling of peace and content spread through her, and her body finally relaxed, exhausted, on the bed.

Again by previous agreement he said nothing, but stood up, put his clothes back on, and left the hotel room, while she grasped her knees and pulled them toward her feeling his spunk trickle down past her anal rosebud and onto the bed.

She wondered if she had at last succeeded in being bred.

*Author's note*

This scenario, I confess, is completely imaginary.
Weird editing.
Posted:Feb 1, 2022 3:56 pm
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2022 3:31 am

I am a good writer and quite meticulous about spelling and grammar. But I've noticed that after blog posts been up for a day or two, typos creep in and words go missing so that sentences don't always make sense.

Do other people experience this?

's kind of discouraging for someone cares about their writing as I do.
Anal rosebud virgin..
Posted:Jan 31, 2022 10:46 am
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2022 2:56 pm

The moans were getting louder and the breaths were coming in gasps. That was my signal.

She was lying across the bed with her head on a pillow. Her wrists were cuffed and clipped a ring on a leather collar behind her head. I had been laying on the bed between and below her legs, spelling the alphabet on her clit with my tongue. was trembling in her belly and she was beginning make -movements with her pelvis against my face, and I knew it was time implement my plan. I slid off the side of the bed and pulled her toward me until her crotch was just off the edge. Standing at the side of the bed and pushing her knees toward her chest I slid my cock into her putting a drip of lube on my right thumb and replacing my tongue with it. In some ways she enjoyed my finger better because I was able to exert more pressure, which she liked.

With my other hand I slowly pulled open the top drawer in my nightstand where I kept my toys. was a thin, tapered vibrator which was sitting in a narrow tube full of pre-warmed lube.

For the last couple of weeks we had been having an argument. I was avid for ass-fucking and she had been completely turned off of it by hearing about bad experiences. Her best friend had chosen her first lover on the basis of looks and a big cock, and he had taken her ass many times, quite ruthlessly, and obviously cluelessly, and done some damage through his size and crudeness. And now my girlfriend was too frightened to try, despite my reassurance that many people enjoyed anal and did it properly. So I had chosen to take a chance and start trying it with her to show her directly what was possible.

I took the vibrator out of the drawer and thumbed it on, at the lowest setting. Pushing her leg up with my right hand until her hips were tilted upward, I pulled out and slid the of my cock back and forth over her clit, keeping the arousal going. With my left hand I brought the vibrator down between my legs and touched the to her anal rosebud. She spasmed and gave a long, low moan of pleasure. I played the of the vibrator back and forth across her anal rosebud for several minutes to ever louder moans, eventually releasing her leg, re-entering her, and returning my right thumb to its place on her clit.

The moans not got louder, they got longer, and my girlfriend kept her legs and her hips tilted without my having to hold them. As positive sign that she was liking it. And the gasping, trembling and spasming started to get serious. I felt a flush of pleasure and triumph.

Eventually, I put the of the vibrator right against her rosebud and began to press. It was a thin toy and went in quite easily, considering she was an anal virgin. She responded with a long, drawn-out moan and a gasped 'Oh fuck!' which I took as a good sign. As I fucked her vaginally and masturbated her clit I began to feel the first warning signs of cumming myself and knew it was time to move to the final phase. We had been going several minutes, and she was moaning and writhing with my cock in her pussy and the vibrator by now sliding deeply in and out of her ass, long enough that I was surprised she had not already cum. I suppose it was the novelty of anal penetration delaying her.

I put the toy on the nightstand, and slowly withdrew my cock, stroking her clit the whole time. I allowed the of my cock to slide down to her anal rosebud. For a time I contented myself with sliding the and down her ass crack, back and forth over her rosebud. She seemed to enjoy that, judging by the noises. But I was getting pretty to cum myself, so I rested the of my cock against her anus and began to push. Not too much at first. I could feel the head of my cock push between her sphincter muscles then come back out, which by itself was so pleasurable I had to start concentrating on not cumming. Each time I did her thighs and belly spasmed.

Things were getting close so I decided to go for gold, sliding my cock slowly and carefully, but continually, deeper into her ass. I started fucking her slowly and carefully, and it was almost painfully tight at first. She grimaced once or twice when it gave her a twinge of pain, but she never stopped me or made any complaint. After a few strokes My cock started to slide into her easier, and as I sped and went deeper she arched her back and began to vocalize.

'Oh, oh, oh,' she said each time I went in, the 'oh's' getting lower and longer and more urgent each time. Her body began to lurch with each thrust, and the 'oh's began to merge into long, low anxious sound. Suddenly her body clenched and she shouted 'Fuuuuuuuck!' and came, very hard. That set me off too. I could feel my cum spurting into her ass with exquisite pleasure. It seemed to go on and on, for both of us. After what seemed like forever it ended. I pulled out and flopped down on the bed next to her.

She looked at me, perhaps with an accusing look in her eye, because I had not asked her whether she wanted to do anal when we started fucking.

'Well,' she said, 'that was a lot better than I thought it would be'.

'Did you like it?' I asked.

'I could definitely do that again,' she replied. "It was different, but really good'.

Every good lover, especially a good dominant, pushes his sub a to expand her horizons.
Hungry for ass.
Posted:Jan 25, 2022 1:52 pm
Last Updated:Dec 27, 2023 9:56 am

She was laying naked, down over a foam wedge.

I had put padded cuffs on her wrists and ankles and clipped them together, left wrist to left ankle and right to right, and she was kneeling on the bed over the wedge, down and arms pulled down to her sides. Her thighs were vertical but her knees were as far apart as was comfortable, and her weight was taken by the foam wedge, which made things easier. I stood the foot of the bed enjoying the view. There is nothing so erotic as a woman on her knees with pussy and anal rosebud fully exposed. Even better when she's bound in that position.

I could not hold back. My hands drifted of their own accord and began caressing her ass, the backs of her thighs, and her outer labia. I experimented by squeezing her outer labia onto her clit, which elicited moans. Okay, she liked that. As I ran the fingers of my left hand lightly over her ass cheeks I began to finger her inner labia and clit with my right.

She was very wet.

I licked my thumb and moistened it in her pussy, then slid it down to her clit and began a slow, up-and-down motion, pressing firmly but not too hard. She let out a long, low moan, and her body spasmed once or twice, then she arched her hips backward as if to encourage me to continue. Which I did. The stroking was short and slow at first, but as her breath became ragged, and punctuated by moans, I began to stroke faster and more broadly, adding circles and side-to-side shakes into the mix.

She began to make fuck-movements with her hips as she approached climax.

I could no longer hold back. She had the nicest anal rosebud, pale, symmetrical, and well exposed. As I stroked her with my right thumb I began to run my fingertips very gently over the rosebud, from the perineum to the ass cleft above, and each time my fingertips passed over her anus she gasped and lurched, and gave a louder moan. After a few minutes of this I leaned forward, and very gently touched her rosebud with the tip of my tongue.

She had never experienced that before. When we first started going she had firmly declared that the ass is exit . To which, inside my head, I said 'We'll see'.

'Oh fuck,' she said. 'That's incredible'.

As my tongue played back and forth up and down over her anus she began to moan louder and louder, and I could tell by the tension in her body that she was on the brink of cumming. So I pointed my tongue to firm it up, and pushed it into her ass. As my thumb went up and down over her clit my tongue went in and of her ass, and of course after about thirty seconds she came, explosively, with a loud long 'Oh God!' Then collapsed bonelessly. least, as much as the wedge would allow.

Maybe it's not exit after all.
Gulp, gulp!
Posted:Jan 18, 2022 3:35 pm
Last Updated:Jan 25, 2022 1:28 pm

I had seldom seen such a beautiful sight.

She was lying on the bed crosswise, with her head hanging just over the edge toward the floor, her hands cuffed together behind her head and fastened to the middle of the bed frame , and her ankles tied to the upper and lower opposite corners with legs wide spread, tautly. I was standing the side of the bed, my thighs near either side of her head.

She was wearing bright red lipstick.

I leaned forward and rested my left hand on the bed near her left hip, as my right hand played over her belly, then slid between her legs and onto her wet clit. I began to stroke it with slow and very strokes, bending forward and sucking her nipples the time. After a few minutes of this she began moan, ever so softly. As her moans got louder, the stroking got a faster and more firm, until her legs began tremble. Her nipples were very hard and very erect. She had the largest nipples and darkest aureoles of any woman I had ever been with, and they were super-sensitive.

When the moaning was nearly continuous I shuffled forward, and as the head of my cock touched her lips she opened her mouth. I slid my cock between those red, red lips, just slightly first, then began to mouth-hump her in an inverted position. Each thrust i went a deeper until she took entirely in.

She did not gag.

Whatever sensation the head of my cock was causing in her throat was overwhelmed by the fact that she was fast approaching orgasm. She was an inveterate moaner, and the effect on my cock was simply incredible. I stroked her faster and faster, and thrust into the back of her mouth deeper and deeper, until at last she came. I had been holding back waiting for it, and as she came I came too. I could feel the jetting into the back of her mouth even as she writhed and bucked in bondage.

Eventually we slowed, and I reached down and lifted her head up, listening to the swallowing sounds as she took in my load.

'Yep,' I told myself, 'this one's a keeper'.
In a restaurant? Seriously?
Posted:Jan 11, 2022 8:41 am
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2022 2:22 am

My girlfriend had always been an exhibitionist.

She loved making out in public and was big into fucking on the balcony of our high-rise apartment. The more people that looked up and watched us, the hotter she got. But this was ridiculous.

We were sitting in a sushi restaurant in a 'private' booth. Private in the sense that it was up against the back wall of the restaurant and surrounded by paper shoji screens that blocked the view and nothing else. We were enjoying our sushi and sipping Sake and having an intimate conversation. She had always been randy, and sometimes she took delight in discussing in detail the things we were going to do once we got back into our bedroom.

At one point she exclaimed '"Oh hell, I have dropped my chopstick. Be a dear and get it for me will you?" indicating that it had gone under the table. She was wearing a tight red sheath dress and could not move in it, and certainly could not crawl under a table to reclaim a utensil. I gave her an exasperated glance and slid down to look. The tablecloth was very long, only about a foot above the floor, and I had to shove it out of the way to see. Sure enough, the chopstick was there, but on the other side of the table and I would have to go right under to get it. I slid under the table, and it felt like being in a cave. As I reached for the chopstick she nudged me with her knee, and as I looked over she slid her dress up to her hips and spread her legs. She was wearing no panties. She leaned over and whispered "You know what I want."

I shifted around until I was kneeling in front of her and slid my hands up her thighs. She responded by spreading her legs more, and I pushed my head between them and began to lick. I could feel her begin to tremble, and hear her breath come in long ragged gasps. She was working very hard to stay quiet. We could easily hear wait staff and customers walking right past our booth through the shoji screens, which provided very little privacy after all.

Suddenly she stiffened, and I could feel her body spasming as she came.

At that very instant the shoji screens slid open and I heard the waitress ask "Is there anything you...." followed by a pause, then the sound of the screens being slid closed.

I looked back, and realized that although the long tablecloth hid almost everything, the tips of my shoes were poking out.

I almost crashed the car laughing on the drive home.
The suspense is killing me.
Posted:Dec 31, 2021 12:32 pm
Last Updated:Dec 31, 2021 2:04 pm

"What are you doing?" my girlfriend asked suspiciously as I stepped into the ensuite with my hands behind my back.

"Oh, nothing I replied innocently, grinning.

She had just stepped out of the shower and was towelling off. I gasped her by the wrist and quickly snapped a handcuff around it. She gave one indignant 'HEY' as I yanked the towel ou of her hand and quickly snapped the other cuff around her other wrist.

"Look," she said. "I'm not in the mood for this. HEY!"

From behind my back I pulled the rope I had hidden by tucking it into my waistband. One end was tied to a carabiner, which I clipped to the handcuffs. I tossed the other end over the shower curtain and hauled on it pulling her hands over her head. When she was up on tip-toes I tied it off on the shower hardware. We had one of those multi-head units with side prayers as well as a rain head, and it was quite sturdy. My girlfriend made a few feeble protests, but her heart was not in it. We had both had crazy schedules lately and had not had sex for over a week. I knew she needed it. I certainly did.

I stepped behind her, running my hands over the front of her body, stopping to squeeze and puller her nipples. In short order her protests became moans of pleasure, as I knew they would. I moved to her right side, pulling her head back by the hair and devouring her mouth with mine, as my right index finger slid between her thighs. As expected, she was already wet. I began to slide the tip of my finger back and forth over her clit, and she responded by grinding her pelvis on my hand. She came very quickly, and hard. She could not stop her legs from buckling and her full weight came down on her wrists. I knew she would be wearing long sleeves for a few days to hide the marks.

I picked her up and stood in front of her, pulling her close and sliding my cock between her legs, back and forth between her labia, which got it very wet. She responded with moans and fuck-movements of her hips, and in short order she came a second time. This time I wrapped my arms around her and held her up. Since the angle was no good for deep penetration I decided to change things up a little. I turned her around and slid my cock between her ass cheeks. By bending my knees a little and angling my cock up, I was able to slide it slowly and smoothly up her ass.

It had been a long time, and after only a few strokes I groaned, trembled, and shot cum into her rectum.

I imagine she knew what I was up to all along.
Taking it to the edge.
Posted:Dec 23, 2021 9:09 am
Last Updated:Jan 10, 2022 4:27 am

Her moans were getting louder.

My tongue travelled up and down, quite firmly, over her clit. From time to time I alternated with shaking me head and tongue gently from side to side. Each time I did that, she gasped. As I continued to work I felt the trembling begin in her belly and thighs. I heard her moans become sharp little gasps. I knew that she was seconds from orgasm.

So I sat back on my knees and surveyed my handiwork.

Her wrists had been cuffed together and tied behind her head and under the pillow, held there by a rope which passed through a D-ring on each cuff then was tied off on each end to cuffs on her ankles. Her legs were bound with straps in a permanently bent position, ankles close to the back of her thighs. Her knees were held out to the sides by a strap that went behind each knee and passed under the mattress.

She was quite helpless to make me do anything she wanted me to do, or stop me from doing anything I wanted to do.

Once I heard her breathing calm down a little I moved over her on hands and knees and began to suck and pull on her nipples again, none too gently. She made charming little 'Oh, oh' sounds as I worked on each nipple in turn, alternating back and forth. I kissed my way up to her lips and we devoured one another's tongues, hungrily. Then I kissed my way back down between her legs, pausing long enough to give each nipple more treatment.

As soon as my tongue touched her clit again she gave a long, low moan and arched her back. After only a few minutes work she was back on the edge of cumming. Much sooner than the first time. She began grinding her pelvis against my mouth and her gasps and moans became louder and even more urgent than the first time. When she was trembling and spasming, and her moans had blended into one long, low sound, I sat back again. This time she couldn't stop herself. She kept making fuck-movements with her pelvis, desperate for more, even though I was not within reach. She gazed down between her legs at me, with a look of unbelief on her face.

"I want to fucking CUM!" she exclaimed, and looked at me pleadingly.

"You know what you have to say," I replied.

"Please Sir," she said. "Please let me cum!"

I lowered my head between her legs and, serious this time, wrapped my arms around them, pulling her into my face. I went at her harder and faster, and this time I did not relent. As she got close she lost all control of her body, spasming and trembling and unable even to grind herself against my face.

Suddenly she screamed 'Oh god oh god I'm Cumming!' and she did, with a long drawn out 'FUUUUUCK' as her entire body went rigid. I could hear her breath squeeze out of her lungs as her entire body contracted, as if she were having a seizure, and I grinned inside my head knowing I had given her a great climax.

After what seemed like forever she finally collapsed, boneless, and laid there passively as I removed the restraints.

"I adore being fucked by you," she said after a rest.

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