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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Post-pandemic fuck fest Part 1
Posted:Mar 18, 2022 1:26 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 8:49 am

After two years, Covid's been tough on everyone and everything, including sex lives. I get a call out of the blue from a nurse friend of mine, we've hooked up many times. A total hottie and sexual dynamo. We catch up and she says she's taken some tome off nursing, due to burn out. Totally understandable. The conversation quickly turns to sex. Neither one of us active for the pandemic. I ask her to come over and she quickly agrees.
I answer the door and there is that beautiful smiling face and amazing body. She's a little heavier but in all the right places. The pandemic has us all adding a few pounds after all. She was never one for small talk, she said "I'm so fucking horny, let's fuck!" The clothes were off in seconds. Lips locked and hands wandering. Mine on her glorious double D's, squeezing and pinching her hard nipples. Her's on my quickly stiffening cock. One hand stroking, the other one caressing my balls. She gets on her knees and proceed to take my now hard cock in her mouth. She does not delay, she grabs my ass and starts to suck my cock. From sucking my hard head to trying to swallow it. It's been 2 years so it doesn't take her long to get me to cum. And cum I did! I explode in her mouth. Squirt after squirt, 7 or 8, she chokes on my load and swallow every last drop of it. She stands up, licks my cum from her lips and says "I needed that!" "My turn!" I reply.
I pick her, up sit her on the table and spread her legs. Caressing her big beautiful boobs, I kiss my way down her thighs. She's already dripping wet. I lick around her generous pussy lips, savouring her juices. Sucking each lip in my mouth. My right hand is down on her ass. I start finger her tight hole as I suck her dripping pussy. She's moaning as her hips start to move. I wrap my lips around her hard clit and slip two fingers in her drenched pussy. I finger fuck her as I continue to suck that hard clit. Her hands are in my hair, pulling. I slip in a third finger, furiously finger fucking her. She's screaming "Yes, more" as her juices drip down my arm. She's pressing my head in on her tighter and hard. She yells "I'm going to cum!" I slip my fingers out and my tongue in her dripping hole. As she screams and squirts all over my face and open waiting mouth. She tastes so good.
My cock is now rock hard and as she is still dripping wet, I waste no time and slam my cock in her. Balls deep. I start to thrust hard and fast. My balls slapping off her ass. I reach up grab her heaving double d's and squeeze as I fuck her. We are in perfect rhythm as she takes every thrust deep. Her juices dripping off my balls, my shaft drenched, I try to keep up the furious pace. We are both moaning loudly as our sweaty bodies move in unison. My cock is throbbing. I'm getting close when she says "Cum in me! I want your load!' Several more hard thrusts, tip to balls and she cums on my shaft. Seconds later and I release inside her. Squirt after squirt, pump after pump, I collapse on her heaving boobs and she grabs and squeezes my ass hard.
We get off the table, make our way to the couch. Our sweaty bodies intertwined she says that she really missed having great sex. I missed that too. We catch our breath as she lays in my arms. Half an hour later or so she looks up at me and asks if that's my cock getting hard again, It sure is. She straddles me and says "My turn!"
Date night finally arrives!
Posted:May 30, 2018 3:24 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 8:49 am

So Friday comes along and hit & run cart girl and I have our first date. Funny to say that since we have slept together twice already. It didn't start off well. She called and said she would be late because of work. I inform her that I had strained my back at work that day. I said it was OK but it might impact end of night activities. She said she would take it easy on me.
Sitting in the restaurant I see her walk in wearing the sexiest slinky little summer dress. Hanging off her sexy frame perfectly. All while clinging to her best bits at the same time. We have a great dinner with great conversation and a lot of laughs. I suggest dessert. She agreed. So i took her to this mom and pop Greek restaurant for coffee and tiramisu. She loved it. On the walk back to the car she pulls me in and we kiss deeply. She wonders if i can go for a second round of dessert. I said as long as I take it easy, yes.
Back at her place we are barely in the door and she lets the slinky summer dress drop to the floor revealing that she had been commando the whole night. So damn sexy. I watch as her glorious full ass wiggles down the hall to her bedroom. I follow her in and lay on the bed. She lays on top of me and we start to kiss and caress each other. Her amazing form in my hands. Getting me very hard. But she can already feel that. She slides down kissing my chest and stomach. She gets to my now fully erect cock and takes the head n her mouth and starts to lick and suck. I have to say feeling her tongue lick my cockhole is mind blowing.
She looks up at me and asks if I'm feeling left out. I say a little, She remedies that by straddling my face. Firmly pressing her big juicy pussy down my face. Seconds later I feel her mouth back on my shaft. I grab her supple ass and squeeze while I begin to explore her wet pussy with my tongue. She starts to rotate her hips rubbing her wet lips on my mouth. She is getting so wet. Tasting so sweet. Her dripping lips being sucked in and out of my mouth. I am in heaven. I insert 2 fingers into her dripping hole. The motion starts. I can see her asshole puckering. So I lick my thumb and start to rub it. Her back arches and she lets out this little high pitched scream and then moans heavily. It takes no time at all for her to cum. Her juices washing all over my face.
All this while she takes my hard very erect cock in her hands and mouth. One hand on the shaft and one gently squeezing my balls. Her lips firmly wrapped around my engorged head. Stroking, squeezing and sucking. She can feel that I am close. She squeezes the base of my cock firmly. My cum is building. She continues to hold it at bay until she releases at the perfect time and the biggest cumshot I have ever had hits the back of her throat. She chokes a little, maybe a little surprised at the size of my load but she continues to suck taking every drop. Swallowing my load for the first time.
Her pussy is full, dripping wet, clit hard as a rock as I continue to lick and suck her lush wetness. My thumb still rubbing her puckering asshole. I switch hands a take my thumb dripping in her juices and insert it into her asshole. Her back arches again and another scream, this time a little louder. She is now riding my face hard. Pressing her swelling lips down on me. The juices start to flow and she cums again. What felt like but a few minutes turned out to be over 20 minutes.
She slides down my chest leaving a trail of her juices behind. She straddles me reverse cowgirl and takes my hard shaft and presses it into her open, awaiting pussy. I see her wet lips literally grab my shaft. I watch as she slides up and down my shaft. Her pussy taking every inch of me. I grab her jiggling ass as she starts to slam her pussy down on me. She changes the speed, angle and force. She is in control and I think she was really enjoying that. I think I should hurt my back more often. Somehow the visual of my cock being grabbed by her drenched pussy lips is adding to the excitement. Again what felt like just a few moments turned out to be 15 minutes. How have I held on this long? That didn't last. A second later I start to cum. Squirting a second round of hot jiz in her. Only this time I see it dripping from her pussy down my shaft.
She leans back after both of our huge orgasms. I am caressing her large breasts. She slides off me. One leg perched over mine and we kiss. She asked if my back was OK and I said yes. I look in her sensual eyes and confess that was the best sex I have ever had. She smiled and her too. Especially when you started fingering my asshole she said. That really enhanced her orgasm. She smiles and says will you do that again? Of course. We make love two more time before falling asleep in total ecstasy in each other's arms.
Wednesday is Hump day after all!
Posted:May 27, 2018 3:23 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 8:49 am

Hit and run cart girl called Wednesday night. Couldn't wait until our date to chat again. Not only is she a looker in real life but her phone voice is super hot too. The conversation soon changes to our little escapade in the changing room. Just the thought of her 5'2" hourglass frame had things starting to stir. Apparently for her too. The breathing getting a little heavier. So I coyly asked what she was doing. the quick breathy answer was laying here naked rubbing my pussy. Wish I could help. She said what are you waiting for, come over. I don't need to be asked twice.
Didn't take that long to get there, turns out she lives pretty close. She rings me in the building and I start up the stairs. My cock starting to get a little hard in anticipation. I knock on the door and it opens on to her naked beautiful body. Her amazing 36D boobs hanging perfectly. A coy smile on her face. Her black hair tied back. She grabs my hand as she says come in. She grabs me a drink and we sit on the couch. The phone conversation starts up again. We both admit to not being the kind of people to do what we did at the store. But we did.
The best part of being in her home is now we had time for so much more than an amazing quickie. And we won't need to stay quiet either. She straddles me forcing her luscious boobs in my face. My hands go for her ample ass. I mean her ass is a thing of beauty, big and jiggly in all the right places. But I'm overdressed for this. I stand up in front of her sitting on the coffee table. I disrobe leaving my shorts for last. She already has her hands all my cock. She slips my shorts down and my cock clips out.
She takes me in her hands and starts to suck on my head. As I get harder she starts to stroke my shaft. The other hand on my balls, squeezing. Lips firmly wrapped around my head. Her tongue licking my cock hole. Trying to force it inside. My hands in her hair. Both her hands stroking and squeezing. I clamp my ass tight as she is now taking my shaft deep. Her lips sliding up and down my engorged shaft. She grabs my ass, squeezing tight as she sucks harder. The feeling is amazing and intense. She looks up at me with those big green eyes that would make anyone melt. She releases her lip stranglehold on my cock and tells me to cum over her tits. My head goes back, eyes roll back as she starts to stroke my throbbing cock. I'm close, she knows it, she can feel it in my shaft. Long strokes lead to an explosion of cum squirting on her big boobs. Stroke after stroke, squirt after squirt. I look down to a lot of cum on her boobs and her kissing my cock head, licking up the last drop.
She takes me by the hand to her bedroom. She sits on the edge of the bed. I gently push her back. Kissing down her cum drenched boobs, down her stomach, past her belly button, to the start of her pussy hair. I spread her legs. Kissing down her inner thighs to her awaiting dripping pussy. I gently lick up her juices as her back arches. I kneel down at the edge of the bed, slide her closer. She instinctively puts her legs on my shoulders. My gentle licking gets more forceful. Seeing her pussy really up close for the first time I see just how her big her lips are. Glistening. I suck them in and out. Her clit getting harder. I slip 2 fingers inside her dripping lips. Then three as I lick and suck her hard clit. Fingers moving in and my lips wrapped around her clit. Her hands in my hair forcing down harder. Her back arches fully as she is moaning loudly. Her juices dripping off my hand as I work my fingers in her. She's ready, she spreads her legs wide and cums. Her juices flow as I suck up all she can give me. I look up over her boobs to her smiling face as we both say wow together. She wastes no time and asks me if I'm hard yet. Of course I am after that.
I stand up move in between her legs. She strokes my cock and says fuck me. I spread her legs wide open. Her flush big pussy so ready. I tease her with my throbbing head. Then I slip my shaft deep in her. Both our heads go back at the same time and we moan together. i reach down and grab her heaving boobs. Our bodies in sync now. Deep thrusts met with equal force from her. Tip to base my cock slides in and out of her drenched lips. Speed increasing. Force increasing as our bodies slap together. My balls slapping off her ass. I slow it down, she looked surprised and said don't, harder and faster. Don't stop she said. I'm close. Sweat dripping off me onto her. Tip to base and then I feel her juices on my balls. Her moan follows. I keep thrusting. Now I'm close. Cock throbbing. She looks at me and says close? I nod. She says me too. Cum with me. Several more thrusts and I squirt my load of hot cum inside her as she cums again.
We lay in bed embracing and fucking 2 more times until she says her would be home soon. She says Friday would be better as her will be gone for the long weekend. Friday can't come soon enough.
Luck of the draw!
Posted:May 27, 2018 3:21 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 8:49 am

I needed to run to the store for few things but was to tired and maybe a little lazy to go all the way to the mall. So I went to Walmart instead, which I rarely do. Not my favorite place at all. But I was certainly lucky to have made that decision.
I am in the store picking up the few necessities and I stop by the CD dept as I usually do. Flipping through the dis a cart rams into mine. I look up and say sorry and go back to the dis. The cart is rammed again, I look up ready to tear into some only to see a beautiful young woman smiling. She said "You don't recognize me do you?". I look puzzled as I try to figure where I know this sexy young woman from. She drops a few hints and says "It was a while ago, I was younger then." I am horrible at remembering names, but even her beautiful face is still drawing blanks. Finally she tells me she met me at of my former jobs and her name and it all quickly comes flooding back.
She hugs me and I feel her curves pressed up hard against me. All 5'2" of her hourglass frame. We chat for a bit and she lets it slip that she was interested in me back then but never knew how to tell me. I smile and confess the same thing. She leans in, arm around me and says "We seem to have wasted a lot of time then." I look down at her smile and enticing green eyes and say well that does happen.
She asks me if I'm in a hurry and I say no, why? She looks around and says "Let's make up some of that wasted time!" She proceeds to tell me to go the men's dept and grab a couple things to try on and she will meet me there. So I do, excitedly I might add. This was to good to be true. Really? This doesn't happen to me. So off I go grab a couple shirts and head into the stall. And wait. And wait. Ok I start to think this is more like it, this isn't going to happen.
Then there is a little knock at the door and I open it slightly to see her standing there. She slips in the change stall and smiles. She admits she's a little nervous too. And that she never does this sort of thing. She steps forward and we hold hand and kiss. Wow, she can kiss! I put my hands on her supple hips and kiss deeply again. Pressing tight against her. She can feel my cock now for sure. She is making it quite hard and fast.
She can feel it because with her next move she starts rubbing my cock through my jeans. She slides down the zipper and slips her hand in. Fumbles around for a second and I feel her hand grabbing my stiffening cock. She stars to stroke my shaft and rub my head. My hands go for her big breasts. They have to be double d's! I slide hand up under her top and bra and rub her breast and nipple. Both my cock and her nipples are now rock hard.
She steps back and slips out of her top and pants, bra and panties as well. I follow suit. Drop my jeans and shorts and take off my shirt. She steps back in rubbing my chest and kissing my nipples. I slide my hands between her legs. Cupping her ample, wet pussy in my fingers. I start to rub. So wet. I slip in a finger. So tight. Then 2 fingers. Her back arches. She reaches down and starts stroking my cock again. Tight grasp, firm strokes. Then she cups my balls and squeezes them gently.
She kneels down and takes my now fully erect cock in her mouth. Those deep green eyes looking up at me as she starts to take my shaft in her mouth. The pleasure is immense. in quick motions her hand and mouth work up and down my shaft. Stands and we kiss deeply again.
I sit on the bench and she spreads my legs. She stand in between them and moves in tight. She is so short I can almost eat her out like that. But she steps up on the bench and her glistening pussy lips are right in front of me. I reach around and grab her bubble butt and squeeze. As I start to kiss and suck her lips. She presses in harder and I am taking her lips deeper in my mouth. Sucking hard. Her clit is now ready and waiting so I wrap my lips around it and suck. Teasing it with my tongue.
She lowers herself down on the bench, straddling me. My hard cock pressed firmly against her wet pussy. She reaches down strokes my cock and teases her pussy with my rock hard head. She slips it inside her. I grab her amazing bubble butt with both hands again and push forward. My entire shaft disappears inside of her. Her eyes wide open and my eyes meet hers and my head goes back. We both be careful not to make too much noise. I start to jiggle her ass we start to move. It takes but a minute for us to get into a groove.
Now we are . In a groove where my cock is sliding in and out of her dripping pussy. Tip to base. My lips are firmly wrapped around her hardening nipples. Beautiful ample breasts any man would die for. We are in sync. Deep thrusts are met with great anticipation. The motion gets faster more intense. She whispers in my ear, "Cum in me. I want it all. I'm on the pill it's ok!" More thrusts as my cock is throbbing. That time is near. She is so wet. My balls are drenched. She looks at me deeply with those amazing green eyes as my first blast of hot cum squirts in her. Deeply at each other I squirt repeatedly. Every thrust a delight. An intense orgasm is taking her over as well because my balls are dripping .
We sit on the bench deeply kissing, our tongues dancing about. My hands squeezing her amazing ass. We both stand, knees buckling as we start to get dressed. Both looking at each other with a firm look of intense satisfaction on our faces. We kiss. I say "Can I see you again?" She says yes. I am seeing her on Friday night.
Last night a DJ got a blowjob!
Posted:May 4, 2018 10:53 pm
Last Updated:May 27, 2024 8:49 am

A friend of mine was a bartender at a club and asked me to DJ because he knew I was doing it as a hobby and even some house parties. I was given a less buy night, Thursday. So I figured why not get paid for it and meet some women. That's why men DJ to meet women. It still ended up being a blast.
One night was going great, the dancefloor was packed. Lots of pretty young ladies which attracts more people. Some of the young women were having a lot of fun. One came up to the booth, a beautiful young blonde with the deepest blue eyes. She made her request. I guess I took to long to answer because she came back with what does one have to do get her song played. She lifts up her top. Revealing the perkiest young boobs with great nipples. I quickly smiled and said no problem.
Few songs after her friend came up and we went through the same routine. A gorgeous redhead with big boobs. She bounced up and down and I was putty in her hands. Minutes later a third lovely woman came up and it went further this time. This time she placed my hands on her supple breasts as she rubbed my junk.
Things calmed down for about an hour and then the night got interesting. The last girl came back up and I thought here we go. She simply asked where the bathrooms were. Down the hall to the left. She looked puzzled grabbed my hand and pulled me down the hall. I showed her the door. She smiled and pulled me inside. We went into a stall where she immediately started kissing me and grabbing my cock. Her top was off in seconds. And my pants followed.
She now had my stiffening cock in her hands. Still sticking her tongue down my throat. My hands relentlessly caressed and squeezed her amazing boobs. Nipples getting so hard. So was my cock. Throbbing in fact. She knelt down and sucked my head in her mouth. Tongue teasing my cockhole. I braced against both sides of the stall. She slurped and sucked working the shaft between her hands and lips.
She looked up with her big eyes and a smirk. I brushed the hair from her beautiful face as she continued to work my cock. My hips started to thrust. Cock throbbing. Her sucking became more intense. Not missing a beat she slurped away. She knew what was next. She could feel my shaft throbbing. She grabbed my shaft, stroking it. Putting my engorged purple head on her tongue. Her other hand squeezing my balls. Squirt after squirt as I came on to her awaiting tongue. Not a drop spilled. She swallowed every last drop. Sucking my cock clean we left and went back to the booth. Thank god I put that extended dance mix on.
A hard days work!
Posted:May 1, 2018 2:08 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2018 2:12 pm

The third story in this loose trilogy happened while I was working at the mom & pop shop. I was now 20 and about to head off to college. The affair with the second MILF had slowly faded away. This happened one night close to closing time.
A young lady from the area came in and was shopping. She was taking items off the shelf and brought them to the counter. She then went to the fridge/freezer area and grabbed a few more items. She came back to the counter arms full and placed the stuff on the counter. That's when I noticed that she was wearing a sheer seethrough top leaving nothing to the imagination. And since she was in the freezer her nipples were erect and almost ripping through her top. Young perfect perky tits with rock hard nipples.
She didn't see the young that worked at night doing odd cleaning and stocking. She became instantly aware and crossed her arms to cover up. She was OK he didn't notice. He finished up and left. I rang the young lady out and came out from behind the counter to lock up after she left. She turned made a motion for me and hugged me. One hand in the small of my back and one hand on my junk. She confessed she really liked me. I stepped back a little cautious. She said it was OK, she was legal age and not a virgin. Once again she moved in kissed me and grabbed my cock with both hands.
I pulled away again but this time just to lock the door. I took her by the hand and we went downstairs where there was an employee lounge. I walk towards the seats by the far wall turned and saw her already kneeling down and reaching for my pants. She clawed at my pants pulling hem down and exposing my stiffening cock. She smiled. She proceeded to give me the best blow job I had ever gotten. Sucking the length of now stiff cock. Teasing my large head. Forcing her tongue in my cockhole. All while squeezing my balls.
She stood up. Raised her arms and I removed her tight seethrough top revealing her perfect perky tits. I sucked on her hard nipples. While reaching down her loose fitting shorts. My fingers immediately on her shaven pussy. She stepped back wriggled out of her shorts.
Something was different than I had been enjoying with the lovely MILF ladies. This was more rushed, primal, even animal. This wasn't going to be love making, this was going to be a fuck.
I lifted her up on the table and spread her legs. Her young tight pussy for the taking. I sucked, licked and fingered until her hips started to buck. I then flipped her over spread her legs. I put on 2 condoms, knowing full well that this tight pussy would need them. She was so tight. Thank god for the lube on the rubbers. She arched her back and I slipped my length in her. Both moaning loudly. God her pussy was tight, grabbing my shaft. I grabbed her hips and started thrusting. Easy at first until the lube started to work and then harder. Not stopping my cock was in and out of her, tip to balls. Fucking fast and hard. It didn't take long for that tight pussy to make me cum. I filled those rubbers up with my jiz, pulled out and sat back in the chair. She turned around smiling, rubbing her clit and said that it was the best she ever had. Well she was only 18 so took I that with a grain of salt. She leaned in kissed me hard. Said she'd better go and get those groceries back home.
My first MILF
Posted:Apr 30, 2018 10:04 pm
Last Updated:May 2, 2018 1:25 pm

I was 17 and a paperboy in my neighborhood. There were several really sexy moms on my route. As a horny 17 year old I would stare and imagine having sex with them.
I wasn't a virgin but not experienced either. Mostly awkward teenage fumblings but still very enjoyable. Obviously being a horny I wanted more. Little did I know that was about to happen. And quite accidentally.
On the route collecting the for week and I came upon one of the really good looking moms house. I knocked and heard a faint voice say "Come in!" I entered to see the lady of the house breast feeding on the couch. I thought my eyes were going to pop out of my head. She showed no embarrassment what so ever and said "Just a second". She "Louise would you grab my purse?" I hear a voice come from the kitchen agreeing. it was her next door neighbor. She enters the room and sees me watching the breastfeeding. She says "Can you the pay paperboy for me?" Louise agrees and pays me. She smiles at me. I am firmly embarrassed now being caught looking at boobs by another lady. I say thank you and begin to leave. Louise says "wait up you might as well come next door so I can pay you too"
We walk next door, me staring at the ground. Still red from being caught. She invites me in. Asks me if I'm thirsty and leaves the room to grab her purse.
Louise was 42 very pretty but I never thought of her the same way I did about the other "hot" women. My mistake really. She was very sexy. Great curves with big boobs and a nice full ass.
She enters the room with her purse. Grabs the money and as she offers it to me says "I saw you looking at her boobs?" I weepishly said yeah. She added "Did you like them?" And I replied yes, very much. "Did it excite you?" she said. Again weepishly I said yes.
She then paused. Smiled. And said "Would you like to see mine?"
I stare at her chest and said yes.
She took my hands and placed them on her boobs. I gently squeezed. Liking the different feel than I was used to. I was used to small perky teenage boobs. Not adult large giggling ones. Her hands were on top of mine squeezing as well. "Do you have to leave right away?" I said no. Good.
Sit down on the couch. I turn to sit and turn back and see her taking off her blouse. Revealing her bra and very large boobs. Louise approached me sat on my lap and thrust her boobs in my face. I started to lick and suck. She takes off her bra and reveals her large nipples. I start to suck harder.
I feel her hips press harder down on me. I was already fully erect. After all it doesn't take a teenage boy long to get hard. She said "I see you like my boobs" I smile. "I can tell because I feel the lump in your pants" She reached down and started rubbing my shorts while I continued to suck and caress her boobs.
She stoop up. Undid her pants and took off her panties and asked me to do the same. I stood up and took off my shorts and underwear. She smiled as my hard cock popped out. She lean forward smiled and starting to caress it. "Have you been with a woman before?" she said. I said yes but just girls my age. She smiled and said "Well I can teach you a few things then!"
She stroked my cock commenting on it's size. I said really? She said that it was very nice size and bigger than her husbands. i never really thought about it before.
She stroked my cock firmly. With an easy voice telling me to relax. Knowing that if I didn't it wouldn't be long before I spewed.
She took my cock in her mouth. Gently sucking. Teasing the head with her tongue. Stroking it as she took it deeper in her mouth. I moaned and knees buckled. She again said relax. But it was to no avail as it felt too good and I started to cum. She took it out of her mouth and stroked it as I came on her tits. Sorry I said. She said don't be silly it was fine. She wanted more.
"Have you ever tasted a pussy before?" I said no, only fingered and fucked before. She adjusted herself on the couch opening her legs. Revealing a bush of hair and her pussy. I knelt down. She took my hand and began rubbing her lips. Giving simple instructions I fingered and rubber her pussy. Her lips opened and began to swell. Her moans got a little louder. She got wet. "Kiss it!" she said. I leaned in and kissed her wet lips. A new experience but I quite liked. She grabbed my head and told me to start licking and sucking her pussy lips. I do as I'm told tasting females juices for the first time. I start to moan and her hips start to move and gyrate. "Suck harder" she says louder. I suck her ample pussy lips into my mouth. Sucking then in and out. She pulls my head up looks at me and says "Are you hard again?" I said yes. Smiling she says "Slip your hard cock into my pussy!"
I lean in and she grabs my hard cock and guides it to her awaiting dripping pussy. I push it in. Deep. A very different feeling than I was used to. Much easier to move in and out and much wetter. She kisses me. Full tongue. So sexy.
"Easy now. Start slow and then get faster. Making sure you go nice and deep in me". I start to push. She grabs my ass. Each cheek hard not letting go. It felt so good. Better than I ever felt before. Firmly pushing my throbbing shaft in and out of her wet dripping pussy. Kissing her the whole time. I have never experienced this before.
She looks me in the eyes and said "Don't worry about cumming in me. It will be fine!" I continue to push. Her hips meeting my thrusts. And just a minute or so later I was about to cum.
"Are you going to cum?" I nod. She grabbed my ass even harder and smiled. "Cum in me. I want your load!". She barely got the words out as I began to spurt my hot creamy cum inside her. She moaned and smiled as I collapsed in her large boobs.
Rubbing my back she said "Did you enjoy it?" Very much I said. I hope it was good for you. She said "I really enjoyed that. Would you like to come over and do that again?" I smiled and said of course.
That began a summer full of sex on a weekly basis with a MILF that I hadn't given a second look before. But was very glad that she gave me one.
My second MILF
Posted:Apr 30, 2018 9:48 pm
Last Updated:May 1, 2018 1:25 pm

After my summer long sex affair with my first MILF "Louise" ended, my attraction to older women continued. It was a shame because "Louise" was great. She had a great body with amazing curves and I really liked making love to her. In fact, that is one of the things she taught me, how to make love and not just fuck. But her were home from summer camp and school started again so meeting up became impossible. We would exchange knowing glances and smiles after wards and still talked about making some time for each other but it never happened.
But then older woman number 2 presented herself, again accidentally. She worked in a neighbourhood mom and pop grocery shop that I shopped at. In fact I ended up knowing a lot of the people who worked there. It started off as me having a crush on a pretty young lady who had a great set of tits. We would chat ever time we ran into each other at the store. One day she commented that she thought she was fat. I said that was ridiculous as I reached and gently pinched her stomach showing her it was foolish for thinking that way. I guess I brushed her breast and she confided in this lady at the store.
The store lady mentioned it to me and I felt horrible because I certainly didn't mean to touch her breast or make her feel uncomfortable. The store lady said the same thing to the young woman and all was fine. But things changed with me and the store lady. She was now looking at me differently asking to do odd jobs for her. She was in her 40s as well. A little shorter than "Louise" and her body wasn't as nice but she was attractive.
One night she asked if I could stop by and assemble a TV/VCR stand she had purchased. I said no problem. I showed up and we unpacked the box and I began to put together the stand. She got down on the floor and helped and that's when I noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear. She leaned in and her wonderful teardrop boobs almost fell out her top. It did't go unnoticed by either of us. With the stand put together she asked me over to dinner for a thank you and gave me a big hug.
The next night I went to dinner still blissfully unaware that she was going to jump my bones that night. After the dinner we sat on the couch had a drink and talked. Shortly out of nowhere she leaned in and kissed me. She said she was attracted to me all along but didn't how to tell me because of the age difference. Until that accident with the young woman. She had figured that I intended to touch her breast which I guess gave her the will to finally say something to me.
Minutes later she was topless sitting on my lap grinding on my stiffening cock. Her tits were magnificent. A perfect handful. I reached down and grabbed her ass. We were both moving in sync now. She stoop up and I unzipped her jeans and noticed the wet spot. I pulled them down and her panties were soaked. Now I am going to use all the teaching "Louise" gave me. I began caressing her legs. Slowly she spread them. My fingers began tracing the outline to her dripping pussy. My fingers on and in her pussy now she began to squirm with excitement.
She sat on the couch and told me to stand. She unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. My now stiff cock popped out and almost hit her in the face. She smiled and took it in her hands. She kissed the tip taking my engorged head in her mouth. After a few minutes of sucking and stroking she gazed up at me and said "Make love to me!"
She pushed me on the couch, straddled me and wasted no time grabbing my cock and sticking it her pussy. Another dripping wet pussy, I decided that I liked that very much. She immediately enveloped all of my stiff cock and began to grind. It felt like she rode and grinded on me forever. But it felt great so who was I to change the program. What followed was out of sync thrusting until we got the rhythm going. Then there was over 10 minutes of thrusting in and out of her. All the while grabbing her jiggly ass and her perfect tits in my face. The moaning got loud and we climaxed together. My large load of creamy cum pumping inside her. I decided that I really liked this older woman no rubber sex. Cumming inside a wet pussy is much better than a rubber.
She asked me over the next night and we did the same thing. A couple hours of caressing, fingering, sucking and fucking. And so began an on and off 2 year affair.

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