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An Old Friend  

69funletsplay 40M
0 posts
7/22/2022 7:29 am
An Old Friend

You find it strange pulling up in this road again. Lilly's house. It's been years... You can't remember exactly but guess at 5. After 5 years of travelling and Lilly is back, your old mate is back! The two of you are going out for some drinks to catch up, you are so excited, a bit like a schoolgirl going out for the first time again. You knock on the door and Lilly answers, throws her arms around you and gives you a big kiss on the cheek. You go in to dump your stuff off as she isn't quite ready. Some things never change! You're in the kitchen whilst she packs her handbag and in walks Dave, Lilly's younger brother.

You don't recognise him at first. He must have been 15 when you last saw him. But my how he has grown... You guess at over 6ft and he is nothing like the scrawny little horny runt you remember, trying to get a glimpse of you in the shower or walk in on you as you got changed (you used to stay at Lilly's a lot!)... "Dave, is that you?" "Haha of course, who else?! Great to see you again. Wow you look even better than I remember!" he says. Smooth. But you like it. In fact you are taken aback so much you can barely mutter the standard thankyou. You do however manage to say "I could say the same about you...!" Lilly is clearly perturbed! And buts in with "Alright loverbirds that's enough. Come on, we've got some drinking to do!" and with that she grabs your arm and takes you with her out on the town...

Next morning you come to, very hungover, in Lilly's bed. Lilly is standing looking at you, holding a cup of something in your direction. "Here's a tea. I gotta go out and meet Helen like I said last night. You're welcome to stay as long as you like but I'm not going to be back till late. There's no one else in. See you soon sweet cheeks!" Lilly turns around and leaves. You didn't even really hear what she said, let alone understand it! All you heard was tea. Lovely tea... You lean to get your tea what you think must be about 5 mins after that conversation but the tea is stone cold. Bugger. You check your<b> phone. </font></b>1pm. Acceptable, but best get up soon and head home. 5 more minutes... You get to thinking about some guy chatting you up the night before, he was cute, and it looked like he had a big dick. Mmmmm dick... That'd certainly help the hangover! Before you know it you are fantasising about this guy, flicking your nipples and rubbing your clit. Writhing around on the bed, groaning... You are really into it and in the moment. Sooo wet...

Then you hear someone say "Knock knock"!!!! You look at the door and Dave is stood inside the bedroom, looking right at you! Your tits in clear view. He has a big grin on his face! You ask how long has he been there and he says "Long enough to know what you need..." his grin is even bigger now. "Oh really... Care to tell me?" you say and he replies "I'd rather show you!" you nearly gush at that! Fuck he is sexy. He walks over to you taking his top off en route and unbuckling his belt. You love his confidence and his timing! But this is Lilly's brother. You shouldn't. You've known him since he was a . And Lilly would literally kill you. Especially in her bed!! Then he is stood in front of you and pulls it out...

FUCK ME. It is massive! Not the biggest you have seen, but still big. That kinda makes your mind up for you - turning down a dick like this would be stupid. Lilly would understand!! You grab it and pull it to your mouth. Licking the tip for him and spitting on it before wanking it hard. "Did you enjoy watching me?" you ask as you wank him off and look him in the eyes. He literally can't speak, so just nods. You start to suck him hard. You love that he watched you for a bit. It turns you on knowing that you made him horny. You are sooo wet now you feel a wet patch on the bed! God Lilly's gonna kill you! He pulls away and says if you don't stop he'll cum, pushes you onto the bed and climbs on top of you. Kissing you, with his hands moving across your body. He kisses and bites your neck whilst rubbing your nipples. He moves down you body, sucking your nipples now while squeezing your tits. Your belly button he licks which tickles and makes you giggle. He carries on, kissing and licking. You feel his breath against your skin. God this feels so good! Then he goes past your pussy!! What!! He didn't stop!! But no, he's gone for the inner thigh... Kissing down and then back up... Then the other leg. God the suspense is killing you... He is such a tease!

You can't wait to grab his head and shove it onto your pussy! He begins to lick it. Slowly but with lots of pressure at first. Circular motions then up and down... You fucking love it. And he clearly loves it too as you groan. He pulls back and blows gently on it... It feels weird! Then a finger is rubbing your lips... Your juices are literally everywhere! Then he starts licking you again and puts 2 fingers inside you... Deep and hard! Wriggling them around inside you then finger fucking you hard. You push his head against your pussy even more, you love it, you can feel the orgasm coming, your body tenses... Then you cum! Really fucking hard! You even squirt a little bit over his hand and face... He loves it and looks at you with a very dirty grin. "Oh you naughty girl! I didn't say you could cum yet!! For that, you get 5 spanks!"

You move onto your knees and tell him to go for it. "Mmmm you have a such a great ass" then smack! He spanks you really hard. No build up, straight in with a really hard spank. 4 to go. Smack!! Smack!! 2 in quick succession.. You gasp and scream a little. He tells you to be quiet and spanks you again as he says it! 1 to go... He caresses your bum... As if to apologise to it, before pulling away. You wait... Eyes closed, anticipating... SMACK!!! God that was sooo hard! You are knocked onto the bed...

After a second you spring up, jump on him and he lets you pin him down. You rub your pussy on his dick. God it feels big. And hard! You wank it a little and rub it against your lips. You are sooo wet that there is no need to spit on him. You just push it in and slowly slide down it. God its big. Its stretching your pussy. It hurts a little but just the right amount that you really really love it. You manage to take it all, just! You begin to ride him. Forwards and back, rubbing your clit against his body then you lean forward and fuck it with your hips. God it is so big you are nearly cumming already. He kisses you and sucks on your nipples, another hand grabbing your arse and gently spanking it. He spits on his finger and slides it inside your ass and that is it, you literally explode! Your whole body is uncontrollable and you scream with pleasure as you cum sooo fucking hard on him. He is groaning too and that just makes it for you.

You slow down and kiss him as you attempt to get your breath back. But before you know it he has lifted you up and is carrying you over to Lilly's dressing table and chair. He puts you down on the table, pulls you off it onto your feet, turns you around and lifts one leg up onto the chair. He looks at you in the mirror as he slides his cock into you from behind. One hand groping your tits and the other your neck. Then pulling on your hair then back to your neck. Fucking you hard. You are having to push back so hard to stop you knocking the whole thing over that it makes how hard he is fucking you even better. He gets faster and faster... You look at each other in the mirror, watching each others pleasure. Then he pulls back a little and bends you over more. He gets even faster now, and deeper, and harder... You can't help but cum again!! But Dave doesn't stop... You and he are both moaning loudly and you feel his cock throbbing sooo much... You know its time and say "Dave, cum in me. I want it. Give me your cum, fill up my tight pussy with it!" and with that he can't stop it and explodes inside your hot wet pussy. His noises of pleasure are such that you can tell he fucking loved it too!

You turn around and kiss him for a bit. He tells you it's great to see you again, picks up his clothes and goes to leave the bedroom. He turns and says "I'm going for a shower, lock the door on your way out will you?". Cheeky little shit!! You'll just have to teach him some manners next time

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