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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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New job
Posted:Jul 22, 2022 8:06 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2024 4:2 am

You're at work. Half way through your shift. Getting slightly bored as its a quieter day than usual. Time to go around a set of patient rooms to check things are ok and do some cleaning if necessary. You are on your own which is good as it means you can take your time. 3rd room in, you knock and get a response telling you to come in. You weren't expecting that! The patient is in bed and a guest is with him. The guest introduces himself as the grandson of the patient. He is wearing a tightish t shirt, showing off some rather muscular arms and large pecks. You can see half a tattoo on his right arm. You immediately judge that he is fit! But then remember you are working, so go to the patient to check how things are. There are a number of bits on the floor that shouldn't be so you bend over to pick some of them up. You can feel the grandsons eyes on you and by sneakily looking back at him whilst bent over you see him staring at your sexy ass. You kinda like it and decide to have some fun... Whilst working you way around the bed of the patient, you use any opportunity to show off your arse, and undo a button on your uniform without anyone seeing. You start conversation with the grandson and you can tell he is a bit distracted, especially when you bend over and wiggle your bum a little for him and he literally stops talking mid-sentence! You realise you are getting a little wet...

You have finished and have tidied more than usual on purpose. Having a laugh with the grandson throughout - he has made it clear he is single too. You've had a giggle and decide to move to the next room, but as you say goodbye the grandson asks if he can speak to you outside? Naturally, you oblige... And wonder what this may be about, hoping it is going to be related to something naughty but also not being sure what you will do if it is! This is a new job after all...!

He gets straight to the point, saying you are the sexiest nurse he has ever seen and that he loved how you wiggled your bum for him. There is something about him that is really turning you on. He asks to give you his number so you can go on a date sometime. You stutter on purpose to buy yourself time to think... Part of you wants to, part of you is worried about the consequences, part of you doesn't want to wait for a drink - you can feel how wet your knickers are by this surprise attraction!

You remember there is a room free just down the hallway... So you think, fuck it, lets have some real fun! You say "I only date guys with big dicks that know how to use them!" he chuckles and says "Well that shouldn't be a problem!" that makes you squirm inside a little with excitement! You say “Ok well, I need to see proof before I agree to a date - wouldn't want to waste both our time. Why don't you say goodbye to grandad and meet me in room 3 down the hall in a minute?"

This guy literally cannot believe his luck and pretty much runs back into the room, grabs his coat and says bye grandad as he is walking back out the door! You haven't even made it to room 3 by the time he is back in the corridor and following you!

You enter the room and he follows. You lock the door behind him. Turning to him, you tell him not to piss around and get his cock out. He laughs and says "If you are that bothered, you can get it out yourself!" looking directly into his eyes, you begin to rub his cock through his trousers. You think he probably matches your desires... You undo his top button and zip fly pushing your hand into his boxers and grabbing his semi hard cock, pulling it out for you.

It is big! Not huge, but bigger than average. You are very happy with this! You are now soaking wet and want to fuck this guy right there and then. You need to be quick too as really you need to report back... So you get on your knees, saying you need to check how it fits in your mouth...

The grin on his face as you look up at him is massive... You suck the tip, then lick the shaft up and down. You fondle his balls with your hand and then see how much of it you can fit in your mouth. You get about 3/4s in! Not bad... He begins to groan and you can taste some pre cum. You worry that he may explode before you get chance to fuck him!

You pull away and stand back up, he is disappointed and asks “What do you think you are doing?!” You tell him you need to check how he fits in your pussy, just to be sure. He smiles but says he doesn't have any protection. Nor do you. You take his hand and get him to rub your soaking pussy while you continue to stroke his cock.

You tell him that if that's the case, you had better check how it fits in your ass instead. He is clearly shocked but very happy too! He starts to call you a dirty girl and you smile, climb on the bed on your kness, bent over for him and start to rub your pussy for him, rubbing your juices into your ass.

He moves your hand out of the way and licks and sucks your pussy. You love this but beg him for his cock... He pulls back, spits on your ass and rubs it in a bit, then he spits on his cock and gently pushes the tip into your ass... Slowly... Opening you up nicely. Gradually getting slightly deeper and slowly getting quicker with his thrusts. You begin to groan but know you need to be quiet. He pulls on your hair with one hand and reaches around to grope your tits with the other. He starts to grab your throat and he is now fucking your ass quite hard. Your clit is hitting his balls everytime he is deep inside you and he tells you to rub your clit and cum for him. This sends you over the edge and at that exact point you feel his cock get even bigger and squirt his massive load into your ass!

You can't believe that you came at the same time. You love it when that happens! You turn around and suck all the remaining cum out of his cock and lick your juices off him. He can't believe how dirty and sexy and amazing you are - you can see it on his face!

He says "So how about that date then?" and you say "Sorry, I don't date patients or their family" he laughs and says "Ok, well I come to see grandad every week, so same time next week?!". You laugh, smile and tell him that you don't know the rota for next week yet... Then you tell him you need to get back to work as they will be looking for you!

After you have left the room and re-locked it, a colleague walks around the corner and says "Oh there you are. Please can you go and see Mr Davies in room 9?" you are soooo glad she didn't come round that corner 5 seconds earlier!

As you walk away from one another you turn back to look at him, he does the same. You both smile and give each other a nod of agreement. You both know you will not be missing his visit next week...
Christmas (longer story)
Posted:Jul 22, 2022 7:55 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2024 4:2 am

You are woken by the front door bell ringing...! Who the fuck is that at this time of day?! Then you look at the time and realise its 9:30am. And its Christmas Eve... Woohoo! You stumble out of bed and grab a robe, making your way to the door still half asleep. Its the postman, with a package for you. Its a big package too. Exciting!

You chuck it on the bed and begin opening it. You realise this is more than one thing... There is a note. It reads "A naughty box of treats for a beautiful girl... I'll be round at 4pm to help you enjoy them! Xx" however you have no idea who this is from! No way its the ex... And surely not Jim, you know he loves to fuck you, but he's not really the giving type (so to speak). It is a mystery for now then. But what's in the box? Lace... And leather! Some naughty black see through panties, with a black leather corset, fishnets and boots. Nice start. Then you find the anal beads! Kinky. At this point the dildo is no surprise... But it does look big. Handcuffs... Lube... Condoms... And a whip!

Well what an interesting, slightly weird but very kinky Christmas present. Who on earth could it be from?! What's more weird, is it all looks like it fits... So it must be someone who knows you well. This is sooo intriguing. And all the presents have made you a little horny. But 4pm is ages away!

Its 3pm now. You are beginning to get a little anxious. Who is this box going to be from and do you even want to fuck them?? You love sex and have now been thinking about it all day so your pussy is dripping with anticipation and would like some attention... But what if its a weirdo? You decide the best course of action is to prepare for it to be a hunk, someone amazingly hot with a big dick who can fuck you for the rest of the day. That would be the best start to Christmas. So you have a shower and put the outfit on. It fits, its tight, but it fits. And you look really sexy in it... You lay the toys out on the coffee table and put a robe on as the outfit isn't the warmest. Then you wait...

There's a knock at the door. Its exactly 4pm. You have butterflies, your heart is racing with the excitement of finding out. You want to run to the door but know whoever it is can hear you so you have to play it cool and walk normally. You soooo wish you had one of those look through thingies on your door now! But you don't... So you slowly open it... The person is stood with their back to you, with a hat and long coat on. As they turn around you notice they aren't wearing trousers and that they have high heels on!

"Oh my god! Emily! Its you!!!" Emily smiles and says "surprise!". And this is a surprise! Emily is a colleague at work. You have always thought she was sexy and she tends to wear slightly kinky outfits so you have wondered how dirty she is. You never expected this though! And you now don't know what to do! You tried having sex with a girl once and didn't really enjoy it... You LOVE cock! However it was a while ago and you were drunk, so maybe this could be worth exploring... You invite Emily in and offer her a drink. She surprises you again by asking for prosecco! Its only 4pm, but fuck it, if you're going to do this, you may as well have a drink too! You take Emily into the living room and go get the drinks. When you come back in you share a sip and Emily puts both glasses down on the table, next to the toys...

Then she asks if you want her to kiss you to which you simply start to kiss her! You don't bother answering in word. Mmmm she is good. Nice amount of tongue and she puts her hand through your hair. She undoes your robe to reveal your sexy outfit. "Mmmm god dam, you look better in that than I had imagined!" she turns you around and spanks your ass gently as she does it. Then she pushes you down onto the sofa. And begins to undo her coat, revealing a leather corset only! Her tits out and supported by it, no panties or tights and just her shoes! She looks stunning! Her tits and nipples look amazing and she has left a little strip of her pussy hair on her body. She walks over to you slowly and climbs on top of you. Kissing you and you begin to grab at her tits. She pushes them into your face and groans a little when you start to suck them.

Then she jumps back up and goes for the table, picking up the whip and slapping it against her hand she says "Come here you naughty girl. Get on your knees. Mummy needs to punish you!" fuck that is sooo sexy! "Yes ma'am" you reply. And get off the sofa, onto all fours, and crawl slowly over to her. She is biting her lip as you do, clearly excited about what is going to happen next. She takes the hand cuffs and cuffs your hands together behind your back then stands in front of you and uses the whip to push your head down to her feet. "I want you to worship me and my body. You need to start by kissing my feet." you do as you are told. You begin kissing her feet and licking her ankles. She loves it! As you look up at her you see her pussy is already wet. Its nearly dripping down her leg! Then SPANK! She has whipped your ass hard! You feel the whip against your body as she moves it up your back and then she whips your ass again. You love this and it makes you quiver a little. You can't believe how horny this is making you...

Emily takes her feet away and moves around behind you. She is trying to take your panties off with the whip! But its taking too long so she chucks it on the floor and uses her hands, shoving her face into your pussy as she pulls them down. Kissing and licking you hard and fast. You gasp and moan about how good it feels but Emily stops!! "Please don't stop!" you say, begging for more! "Who said you could speak?!" Emily replies. She whips you 5 times! Hard!! "Learnt your lesson?" you just nod... Just in case that is a test!

Emily begins to kiss your pussy again, you are really really wet after the whipping. She tells you how good you taste, better than she had imagined when she had fantasised about licking your pussy at work... Then you feel her fingers sliding inside you... Slowly as first, 2 of them, as she continues to lick your pussy... She uses your pussy juices to tickle your ass which you love and it makes you wriggle. Then you feel something big. Its the dildo! You hear Emily sucking it. Then she moves and pulls your hair, lifting your head up. "Suck it!" she tells you. You do as you are told. You suck and lick it, making it all wet. "Ready to get fucked baby? I'm going to make you scream!" god you can't wait. Emily is such a tease! You have been getting hornier all day and you need to cum now. You nod excitedly to Emily in a way that shows how much you need it. She pushes your head back onto the carpet, still on your knees with your ass high in the air. She pushes it inside you. Slowly at first. Gradually getting deeper. Fuck it is soooo big. Bigger than any cock you have had. Your pussy is really tight around it and it hurts a little as she pushes it deeper. You gasp and groan and moan... Then you feel her spit on your ass while she is slowly fucking you... She slides something in it! FUCK! That feels good... Then another thing... And another! Its the anal beads! You are getting louder now, as she gently pushes more beads into your ass and out of it again, whilst fucking your pussy hard with the dildo. Faster and deeper. Its soooo big and your ass is making your whole body move with every bead...

"Fuck, I'm going to cum!" "not yet you aren't, not until I tell you!" "fuck... Please! I need it! I'm so close!" "beg more..." "fuck please. Pleeeaasseee.... Ooohhh gooddd! I need it! Please make me cum!"

Emily picks up the pace! Fucking your pussy so hard and now fingering your ass that you literally forget about the whole world and begin to scream with pleasure. Your whole body shuddering as you explode from the inside and cum all over the dildo! Emily doesn't stop... And within a minute you are cumming again! You can't believe it! You have never cum twice so quickly!! Then she stops and licks your pussy and the dildo. She makes you taste yourself, licking the dildo clean...

"Ok, now its my turn..." Emily whispers in your ear as she removes the handcuffs... She stands in front of you, you are still on your knees, her pussy is the perfect height. She pushes your head into it. God it is so wet. She has pussy juice all over her inner thighs so you get to work licking and sucking her clit. You start to finger her too... She moans. "Faster... Harder" she tells you and you do as you are told. "Don't you fucking stop. God! That's it... I'm going to cum. Yesssss!" and with that she explodes! Literally! She cums all over your face! There is sooo much! You have never squirted yourself but Emily has literally just squirted all over your face and tits, holding you there until she is done, which takes longer than you imagined!

You are soaked. Your new outfit covered in her cum. Your nipples are so hard and your pussy very wet. Emily picks up the handcuffs and whip and walks over to an old chair you have. She looks at you and tells you to go to her. You begin to stand but Emily says "Crawl! On all fours! Don't make me whip you again!" so once again you do as you are told... Wiggling your bum on purpose as you do it. When you get to her she cuffs one of your hands and puts the other cuff on one of the legs of the chair. You look down and she puts the whip under your chin and raises your head so you are looking at her. "Now, be a good girl and stay here. I know you could lift the chair and escape but I want you to stay here until I let you go. I have another gift for you arriving shortly... Whether you choose to enjoy it or not will be up to you. But I for one, am definitely going to use it!"

This is soooo exciting... You have no idea what to expect and you cannot believe the cheekiness of Emily planning this day for you. Emily hands you your prosecco and picks up her glass too. She kisses you and you chink glasses before she downs the rest of hers and gets the bottle to top you both up. She sits on the sofa, you sat on the floor. She begins to touch herself, caressing her tits and rubbing her clit gently... "You kissed my pussy very good. Well done. You passed the first test..." Then the doorbell rings! Fuck! Who could this be. It had better not be any of your family just popping by on Christmas Eve! Emily gets up and heads to the door, still just wearing her corset and shoes! "Emily, wait, let me go!" Emily just turns and says "Ssshhh!" followed by one of the naughtiest smiles you have ever seen...

You hear her open the door and let someone in. You don't hear any talking but you hear footsteps... Then nothing. After a minute or so you are very nervous. You really want to escape the hand cuffs and see what's happening but you don't want to upset Emily... Then the door opens and Emily walks in, her tits still out and looking sexy. "Ready for your final present?" you can't speak but simply nod in agreement... She turns points to the door, turns her hand and calls someone in with her finger... A big, muscular man walks in, wearing only tight boxers. He smiles at you and walks up to Emily. Emily puts her hands all over his chest and kisses him. Then they both look at you. "You like?" she asks. Are you kidding me?! What a question! First she makes you cum hard herself then she brings you a big strong man to fuck! "Yesss!" you respond, not caring whether you sound too keen! "Good. Now remember, you can't move until I free you..." she says as she turns again and kisses him. He grabs her and starts kissing her neck, down to her tits and nipples. Sucking them. Then she turns him and pushes him onto the sofa. She straddles him, writhing on his cock and shoving her tits in his face. Watching this is making your pussy juice dribble down your legs...

You begin to rub yourself, gently, with your free hand. A Christmas Eve threesome! What a present! Emily climbs up this guy and sits on his face. You can see his tongue get to work... Licking her and sucking her, making her groan quite loudly. You can tell that whoever this guy is, he isn't going to let Emily dominate him too much. This is proven when he slides his finger up Emily's ass without her instruction or agreement! She shrieks, with surprise and pleasure! You can now see a very large bulge in this guys shorts too... This is promising...!

She climbs off him and turns to you. Your fingers are deep in your pussy and she laughs! "Couldn't wait huh?! James, look at this horny girl. Wanna go say hi?!" "Mmmmm" he responds. She takes his hand and pulls him over to you. "This is James. James has a BIG dick. James likes to use his BIG dick to fuck 2 women... Think you can handle it?" what an introduction! Clearly, at this point, you are not going to say no! So you smile and say "Yes miss. I'll do whatever you say." Emily smiles and says "Ok. My final instruction to you is to do with us whatever you wish!" and with that, she lifts the chair to remove your cuffs. Once off, you get your tits out and grab James' dick through his shorts, pulling him towards your face. You yank his shorts down and fuck me, there it is...

James' big dick! Emily wasn't lying, it is BIG! You begin wanking it immediately... You are so fucking wet you need this cock, although you are not sure if it will fit! You start to suck it which makes him groan... Emily puts one foot on the chair, giving you a close up view of her pussy while James begins to finger it, his other hand now on the back of your head as you suck him hard and get faster up and down his cock. You can't fit it all in your mouth though... "Emily, I think this is a 2 girl job..." you say, and she smiles, and moves to come and join you. She goes straight for his balls, licking them while you suck on his cock, licking the tip and wanking the big fat shaft...

James groans loudly. "Fuck! That is sooo good. You dirty girls. I love it!" he exclaims! This makes you even wetter. Then you and Emily swap roles... And you feel Emily's other hand moving up your inner thigh, to play with your now soaking pussy. You love it. James's big balls in your mouth while Emily finger fucks your pussy. Feels sooo good it makes your wriggle and quiver.

10 minutes later you are astonished that James has not cum! You and Emily have been sucking and wanking and licking his cock sooo good. How has he managed to contain himself?!?!? You can't wait any longer though, you need his cock to stretch your pussy...

“Emily, I think he needs something else to satisfy him. What do you think?”, to which Emily just giggles. You both look up at James. You feel his cock get slightly firmer in your hand as you both look at him, you can tell he is keen. You begin to stand up, caressing his muscles as you do and stopping only to lick one of his nipples. He grabs your head and kisses you, at the same time you hear Emily continuing to suck on his cock... Then James picks you up and you wrap your legs around him, his hands on your bum holding you up and your tits in his face. He sucks and licks your nipples and you feel the tip of his cock against your pussy lips... Emily is trying to slide it inside you, but it is so big. With a little force, Emily succeeds, and James' cock begins to slide inside you, making you groan loudly. You can feel Emily's tongue on your pussy lips as she is licking James' cock, providing some extra lube to help it slide inside, not that your pussy needs it, you are so soaked that as his cock gets deeper inside you lots of your juices are forced out, all down his cock and balls and over Emily's face.

James is so strong that he is lifting you up and down on his cock with his hands on your ass cheeks. He is seemingly doing this with ease and he begins to walk you over to the sofa. He turns and sits down, holding you in place and keeping his huge cock inside you as he does it. You are now riding him on the sofa and have control, which you like. Emily moves next to you both on the sofa, spanking your ass before moving back a little and spreading her legs for both of you to see while you ride James. You are taking him really deep now, but still can't fit him all in, not that you care as it feels so fucking amazing. Emily is really getting off on watching you, and you can tell that James is having to concentrate hard on not cumming. His cock is throbbing inside you. Emily sits up and moves behind you, her arms wrapping around you and groping your tits, squeezing your nipples. This makes you moan louder and she pulls you back so you are arching away from James and your tits are pushed out as far as possible. Emily's hand moves down your stomach, the other still tweaking your nipples, and then she begins to rub your clit. Fuck. That feels completely amazing and you know you are about to explode. She gets faster, you get faster, James gets bigger inside you and then you can't control it anymore. You scream, your whole body shudders and goes tense before the orgasm release... James' cock is soaked from your cum and as you lift yourself off him, you see a massive wet patch on the sofa... Emily is straight down on James' cock, licking and tasting your cum. “Mmmmm you taste so good, I love your pussy juices” Emily exclaims. Then she climbs on top for her turn. Watching her face as James slides his cock inside her is such a turn on for you, particularly as you know how big it feels. You can tell she is struggling to take it, but she carries on until he is balls deep inside her. James groans and says how good it feels.

You are jealous, even though you have already cum you want more. You decide to go and get your drink while they fuck. The noises in the background keep you fucking horny and wet. You decide James needs to be eating your pussy as Emily rides him, so you go back to the sofa and turn James 90 degrees so he is lying down. Emily knows what is coming and says “oh yes, sit on his face, make him eat your wet pussy while I fuck him”. It takes you a split second to be kneeling over his face, your legs spread and pushing your pussy down on his mouth. Turns out, he has a big tongue too! Fuck! He quickly starts licking you and sliding his tongue inside you, Emily groping and sucking on your tits as she fucks him. This is fucking amazing, such a turn on having 2 people to play with.

You swap with Emily and start sucking her nipples, your hand moving down toward her clit now and you decide to return the favour... Before you know it she is screaming and about to cum, she suddenly jumps up off James' cock and rubs her clit furiously before squirting all over James and the sofa! You've never seen a woman squirt before and are shocked at the volume of her cum, it is like the biggest load of spunk you have seen, multiplied by about 10! It is lucky you have a leather sofa... James also looks a little surprised, although equally quite proud of himself, as you climb off his face.

You continue to be surprised that he hasn't cum yet, however think now is the time to truly test his staying power, by getting him to fuck you from behind... You crawl off the sofa and onto the floor on all fours. Looking back at James and Emily who are kissing on the sofa. You call Emily over and ask her to lie on the floor, telling James to sit and watch for a bit. You are still on all fours, but Emily is lying underneath you with her tongue licking your clit and her hands spreading your ass cheeks, showing James your ass and soaking wet pussy. You begin to eat Emily's pussy too, making her groan. You love knowing that James is watching and you look back at him briefly to see him wanking his massive cock while he watches you and Emily. Emily begins to groan louder and you decide you want to make her squirt again so use both hands on her, one with 2 fingers inside her, fucking her hard and the other rubbing her clit as quickly and hard as you can. Emily doesn't last long before she begins to cum she grabs your hand pulling your fingers out of her quickly and there it is, she squirts again, partly hitting you in the face, as it comes out of her like a fountain! She is twitching and shuddering and her legs are shaking as she continues to cum everywhere. What a feeling. Who knew making a woman cum could be so satisfying?!

SPANK! Ouch! That caught you by surprise. James has moved off the sofa and is now behind you, grabbing your ass with both hands after spanking you hard. He starts to slap your ass with his cock. Fuck, it's coming. You are a little scared given how big he is, but you also want it so bad you beg him to put it in... He does, slowly. Emily is still licking your clit, also slowly. Fuck, this feels amazing. His hands on your hips, holding you tightly, as he gets deeper and deeper. “Yessss, take it all you little slut” he says. You aren't too sure about the slut part, but love the feeling of his balls against you and knowing that you are managing to take it all. James begins to build up a rhythm, getting faster and deeper, his cock growing even more inside you, Emily licking your clit then his balls then your clit and then his balls again. James starts to groan loudly, you can tell he is close. You turn and look at him and tell him “Not fucking yet, keep going, fuck me harder. Make me cum!”. He moves his hand up your back, and grabs your hair, pulling your head up in the air. He begins to fuck you really hard now and Emily concentrates on your clit. Fucking hell this feels amazing and within seconds you are cumming again. Really, fucking hard. Screaming with pleasure and you can feel James is about to cum too which just extends your orgasm more as he begins to pump his cock deeper and faster and then you feel it... His cum exploding inside you, it feels fucking amazing and it feels like a lot! Mmmmmm, god. What a fuck.

As James pulls out of you he says “Emily, don't you move, I want to see my cum drip down onto your face before you lick it out of her”, what a filthy fucker James is. Dirty bastard. He squeezes your bum and pussy lips, making some of his cum drip out of you and all over Emily's face. Mmmm you are loving this in your post orgasm state of euphoria. James moves around and is now kneeling in front of you. “Lick it clean” he tells you. You look at him and do as he says. As you are licking his shaft, you feel him getting harder again. “Mmmm that's it, every last drop. Suck it out of me. Get me hard again, I'm not finished yet!”. Fuck! You do as you are told and his cock is now rock hard again, he pulls away from you and grabs Emily's hips, pulling her towards him, legs spread wide.

You get a close up view as he slides inside her. “Rub her clit” he orders you, again you do as you are told. You like him taking charge. Emily fucking loves it, she is groaning very loudly. You climb off her face and it is only then you realise how much cum came out of you and ended up all over her. She is covered! In her eye, her hair and all over her face. Imagine how much cum it actually was, given you can still feel some inside your pussy... “Let's fuck Emily and treat her like the slut she is” James says, looking at you. “Lay back and spread your legs”, he picks Emily up and turns her around, placing her on all fours in front of him, her head inbetween your legs, before he pushes her face into your cum dripping pussy. “Eat that pussy while I pound you” he orders Emily. You take over holding Emily's face in place and push it into your pussy while he begins to fuck her. She is moaning and groaning into your pussy as he is pounding her hard. He slide a thumb into her ass and she nearly cums immediately! He gets faster and faster... She cums hard but he doesn't stop. Fuck this is sooo sexy. You are wondering whether James will be able to cum again and as you are thinking that he pulls out of Emily and tells both of you to kneel in front of him, which you quickly move to do and grab and wank his cock... Then he begins to groan loudly and he cums again all over you both, your faces and your tits... Fuck me what a load! And his second one too! You feel dirty. Filthy. Naughty. You begin to kiss Emily, sharing some of his cum and Emily starts to lick it off your tits while you suck and lick his cock clean.

James looks at his watch. “Shit, I got to go, the missus will be wondering where I am! Thanks girls, would love to do this again sometime. Don't have too much fun without me.” And with that he grabs his trousers and pretty much runs out the door. “Was it good for you?” Emily asks, giggling to herself. You just laugh and take a deep breath and respond with “Fuck. That'll take some getting over. Thank you. Best Christmas Eve ever!”.
An Old Friend
Posted:Jul 22, 2022 7:29 am
Last Updated:May 18, 2024 4:2 am

You find it strange pulling up in this road again. Lilly's house. It's been years... You can't remember exactly but guess at 5. After 5 years of travelling and Lilly is back, your old mate is back! The two of you are going out for some drinks to catch up, you are so excited, a bit like a schoolgirl going out for the first time again. You knock on the door and Lilly answers, throws her arms around you and gives you a big kiss on the cheek. You go in to dump your stuff off as she isn't quite ready. Some things never change! You're in the kitchen whilst she packs her handbag and in walks Dave, Lilly's younger brother.

You don't recognise him at first. He must have been 15 when you last saw him. But my how he has grown... You guess at over 6ft and he is nothing like the scrawny little horny runt you remember, trying to get a glimpse of you in the shower or walk in on you as you got changed (you used to stay at Lilly's a lot!)... "Dave, is that you?" "Haha of course, who else?! Great to see you again. Wow you look even better than I remember!" he says. Smooth. But you like it. In fact you are taken aback so much you can barely mutter the standard thankyou. You do however manage to say "I could say the same about you...!" Lilly is clearly perturbed! And buts in with "Alright loverbirds that's enough. Come on, we've got some drinking to do!" and with that she grabs your arm and takes you with her out on the town...

Next morning you come to, very hungover, in Lilly's bed. Lilly is standing looking at you, holding a cup of something in your direction. "Here's a tea. I gotta go out and meet Helen like I said last night. You're welcome to stay as long as you like but I'm not going to be back till late. There's no one else in. See you soon sweet cheeks!" Lilly turns around and leaves. You didn't even really hear what she said, let alone understand it! All you heard was tea. Lovely tea... You lean to get your tea what you think must be about 5 mins after that conversation but the tea is stone cold. Bugger. You check your phone. 1pm. Acceptable, but best get up soon and head home. 5 more minutes... You get to thinking about some guy chatting you up the night before, he was cute, and it looked like he had a big dick. Mmmmm dick... That'd certainly help the hangover! Before you know it you are fantasising about this guy, flicking your nipples and rubbing your clit. Writhing around on the bed, groaning... You are really into it and in the moment. Sooo wet...

Then you hear someone say "Knock knock"!!!! You look at the door and Dave is stood inside the bedroom, looking right at you! Your tits in clear view. He has a big grin on his face! You ask how long has he been there and he says "Long enough to know what you need..." his grin is even bigger now. "Oh really... Care to tell me?" you say and he replies "I'd rather show you!" you nearly gush at that! Fuck he is sexy. He walks over to you taking his top off en route and unbuckling his belt. You love his confidence and his timing! But this is Lilly's brother. You shouldn't. You've known him since he was a . And Lilly would literally kill you. Especially in her bed!! Then he is stood in front of you and pulls it out...

FUCK ME. It is massive! Not the biggest you have seen, but still big. That kinda makes your mind up for you - turning down a dick like this would be stupid. Lilly would understand!! You grab it and pull it to your mouth. Licking the tip for him and spitting on it before wanking it hard. "Did you enjoy watching me?" you ask as you wank him off and look him in the eyes. He literally can't speak, so just nods. You start to suck him hard. You love that he watched you for a bit. It turns you on knowing that you made him horny. You are sooo wet now you feel a wet patch on the bed! God Lilly's gonna kill you! He pulls away and says if you don't stop he'll cum, pushes you onto the bed and climbs on top of you. Kissing you, with his hands moving across your body. He kisses and bites your neck whilst rubbing your nipples. He moves down you body, sucking your nipples now while squeezing your tits. Your belly button he licks which tickles and makes you giggle. He carries on, kissing and licking. You feel his breath against your skin. God this feels so good! Then he goes past your pussy!! What!! He didn't stop!! But no, he's gone for the inner thigh... Kissing down and then back up... Then the other leg. God the suspense is killing you... He is such a tease!

You can't wait to grab his head and shove it onto your pussy! He begins to lick it. Slowly but with lots of pressure at first. Circular motions then up and down... You fucking love it. And he clearly loves it too as you groan. He pulls back and blows gently on it... It feels weird! Then a finger is rubbing your lips... Your juices are literally everywhere! Then he starts licking you again and puts 2 fingers inside you... Deep and hard! Wriggling them around inside you then finger fucking you hard. You push his head against your pussy even more, you love it, you can feel the orgasm coming, your body tenses... Then you cum! Really fucking hard! You even squirt a little bit over his hand and face... He loves it and looks at you with a very dirty grin. "Oh you naughty girl! I didn't say you could cum yet!! For that, you get 5 spanks!"

You move onto your knees and tell him to go for it. "Mmmm you have a such a great ass" then smack! He spanks you really hard. No build up, straight in with a really hard spank. 4 to go. Smack!! Smack!! 2 in quick succession.. You gasp and scream a little. He tells you to be quiet and spanks you again as he says it! 1 to go... He caresses your bum... As if to apologise to it, before pulling away. You wait... Eyes closed, anticipating... SMACK!!! God that was sooo hard! You are knocked onto the bed...

After a second you spring up, jump on him and he lets you pin him down. You rub your pussy on his dick. God it feels big. And hard! You wank it a little and rub it against your lips. You are sooo wet that there is no need to spit on him. You just push it in and slowly slide down it. God its big. Its stretching your pussy. It hurts a little but just the right amount that you really really love it. You manage to take it all, just! You begin to ride him. Forwards and back, rubbing your clit against his body then you lean forward and fuck it with your hips. God it is so big you are nearly cumming already. He kisses you and sucks on your nipples, another hand grabbing your arse and gently spanking it. He spits on his finger and slides it inside your ass and that is it, you literally explode! Your whole body is uncontrollable and you scream with pleasure as you cum sooo fucking hard on him. He is groaning too and that just makes it for you.

You slow down and kiss him as you attempt to get your breath back. But before you know it he has lifted you up and is carrying you over to Lilly's dressing table and chair. He puts you down on the table, pulls you off it onto your feet, turns you around and lifts one leg up onto the chair. He looks at you in the mirror as he slides his cock into you from behind. One hand groping your tits and the other your neck. Then pulling on your hair then back to your neck. Fucking you hard. You are having to push back so hard to stop you knocking the whole thing over that it makes how hard he is fucking you even better. He gets faster and faster... You look at each other in the mirror, watching each others pleasure. Then he pulls back a little and bends you over more. He gets even faster now, and deeper, and harder... You can't help but cum again!! But Dave doesn't stop... You and he are both moaning loudly and you feel his cock throbbing sooo much... You know its time and say "Dave, cum in me. I want it. Give me your cum, fill up my tight pussy with it!" and with that he can't stop it and explodes inside your hot wet pussy. His noises of pleasure are such that you can tell he fucking loved it too!

You turn around and kiss him for a bit. He tells you it's great to see you again, picks up his clothes and goes to leave the bedroom. He turns and says "I'm going for a shower, lock the door on your way out will you?". Cheeky little shit!! You'll just have to teach him some manners next time

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