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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Swim Fun
Posted:Mar 2, 2022 9:28 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

We were at a water park last weekend and anyone that knows me knows I love big tits.

I was staring at all the other women at the water park's tits and getting very horny so I thought I'd get hubby horny too.

I'd nudge him and whisper in his ear, did you see the woman in the brown bikini's tits? Look how big these tits are. Ooooh that woman's ass is delicious.

At one point I could see him hard and grabbed his cock. We kept looking at the woman in the brown bikini with the gorgeous giant tits so I told him to follow me.

I led him back to our room, closed the door and said "I saw you staring at my tits at the water park. Don't you think you're wife will mind?"

He smiled and played along. Yes but your tits are stunning. A few moments of role playing I finally said "Well I don't think my husband will mind if I give you a blowjob as long as you cum all over my tits. And I removed his trunks.

His cock and balls tasted like chlorine but they were delicious.

Moments go by and he's screaming I'm gonna cum. A few times and then unloads in my mouth.

I show him his load in my mouth, swallow and say that was better than my husbands. Don't tell him.

Pulled up my bikini and told him to get his trunks back on.

I love dick and tits lol
1 comment
Football BJ Bet
Posted:Sep 13, 2021 8:05 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

I have a friend that I spent a lot of my 20s with and a few years back she moved to LA. She was in town for two weeks and hubs and I had them over for the Bears / Rams game last night.

Her, hubs and I have had a lot of naked nights together and this was our first time meeting her BF. We were all getting along, having some drinks when she mentioned we should bet on the game. BJs to each others man if the Rams win. Oral on us if the Bears win. She laughed and said it's been a tough week for them as they were staying with her parents.

We're down so the game starts and at the end of the 1st quarter I look at her BF and say, ready for that blowjob? I take him upstairs and notice she's already taking his pants off. She loves giving head so I don't mind.

Her BF has a nice dic I see why she likes him but he's taking forever to cum. I ask if everything is ok and he says it's great but she just gave him head on the ride over. So it takes a bit longer before he cums in my mouth.

He's done and I peak downstairs to see her finishing up on my hubs. He's got his hands on her huge tits and I know he's about to cum. I head downstairs and pull her head off and make her finish with a titjob. Hubs cums a huge load over her tits and I lick it up.

Later the Bears continue to loose. Her BF has had two blowjobs in a row plus a bunch of beer and is passed out on our couch so my friend, hubs and I head up stairs. Hubs and I share oral on her, then they share oral on me and she likes it up the ass so hubs got to stick it in her butt while I made out with her and sucked on her big tits.
Sick day, Beach day
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 8:29 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

I called in sick to work yesterday and me, hubby, bestie and her hubby went to the beach.

I got horny and took hubby out for a quick lake handjob. I was on top of him, jerking him off and it was rather wavy so I don't think anyone noticed. Though it would be hot if they did.

Before we left besties hubby and I went in the water to get the sand off, hubby and bestie stayed bac On the way to deeper water I told him to pull down his trunks, you're getting a handjob.

So I jerked him off in the water too.

His was super quic I don't think anyone noticed or at least no one said anything
Titjob Swap
Posted:Aug 20, 2021 12:50 pm
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

Hubby and I were at my college roommates house last night. Her and her husband have been married since we graduated and invited us over to catch up and have some drinks.

She's always been very open about their sex life and after dinner brought up about how they tried titty fucking last night. My husband loves doing this so we chatted a bit.

Apparently her hubby got so into it that each thrust between her tits make a loud smack sound like he was pounding her pussy. I've never heard that so she invited me to try her husband out to see if it happened again. I was taken back by this and looked at my hubby. He grinned and my friend saw this. She said, go on. Let [name] titty fuck you and I'll take care of your husband. So I left.

I remember her telling me stories of how long her husband is but this is the first time I saw his monster coc I took off my shirt and bra and laid on their bed. He grabbed some oil and stuck his dick in my mouth. Then apologized that he didn't as I smiled and continued until he was hard. I let him oil up my boobs and then held them together.

Wow! He was into it. I've been tit fucked before. It doesn't do anything for me but I love how hubby gets off on it but this guy was going to town. He was moaning and thrusting so fast and hard he was making my tits slap.

He didn't last too long before he wanted to cum. I stuck out my tongue and now with each thrust his head is in my mouth. Before I know it there's a load across my face, across my tits and down my nec

He laid on the bed and I walked out topless to see my friend on her knees, topless as well bouncing on hubs dic I sit next to him and her and I start having a conversation as I watch her get a load between her tits. She then moves over to me and licks up a bit of the load.

We get home and hubby asks to take a shower with him. We don't even get two seconds in before he drops to his knees and starts eating me out.

We need to find more friends like that.
Former Coworker BJ
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 9:07 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

I've known this guy for a while. I used to work with him and became friends with him and his wife. Everyone always thought they were swingers but never had proof. He's a bigger guy and likes to party. Every time he drinks he gets handsy with me.

Last weekend I stopped by and had two drinks with them. I didn't know they drank a lot before I showed up. So I'm about to leave and give a hug goodbye to his wife. She's going to bed to pass out. I then give a hug to my friend which he then grabs my ass. Not a pinch, like full on hand grab.

So I decided to be naught and look at him. He's smiling, like he typically does and I say "Do you want to put your big fat dick in my mouth?" I know he likes dirty talk so I give it to him. He's surprised and says "FINALLY!"

So I drop to my knees and start sucking. I never knew he had a small dick, hair with big balls though. So I'm sucking, he's somewhat hard. I tell him to take his pants off and fuck me hard. I'm tired of sucking lol

I make him put on a condom because I think he's a dirty old man lol. He does and I'm bent over their table waiting for dic He can't get hard. He's holding his dick trying to get in. At this point I'm moaning and talking like a porn star because I want this to be over.

So I switch to missionary and he gets in but cannot move very far out. He's sucking on my boobs when he thrusts and I finally feel a little dic He's all over me, "pounding" me, face barried in my tits.

"Oh I love the way you fuck me."

"I'm cumming! Oh Yes!" I scream. I'm not though.

This makes him cum and he pulls out, pulls off the condom and I present my tits for cumming.
Runners Cum
Posted:Aug 13, 2021 6:06 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

's been ridiculously here the past few days so yesterday I went out early for a run.

I looked super cute in my black camo yoga shorts (the kind that just barely cover your butt cheeks) pink sports bra and baggier black tank top.

I'm about half way through the run and I hear honking and a woman yell "Ow Ow!" 's my bestie. We stop and chat for a while and she tells me to run to their house to jump in the pool. So I finish my run by heading to their house while she's running errands.

I get to their house and her husband and his friend are over at the house in the pool. I've met the friend before. I actually gave him a handjob in his car before he got married to his wife.

I say hello, take off my tank top and sit by the edge of the pool to chat when I realize these guys are staring at my tits. Big surprise, this sports bra shows off the girls well and I'm sweating like crazy so they are nice and shiny.

His friend dries off and heads to the bathroom and my besties husband tells me to grab one of her swim suits and jump in. I do that and walk in the bathroom to change.

I wasn't thinking and didn't knock and walked in on the friend jerking off. I should have said I'm sorry for barging in but what came out of my mouth was "Ooh, I forgot how big you are"

This guy has a porn dick. Big, thick, shaved. Ugh I want to do more than just handjobs on this guy.

He smiles and I ask what he's jerking off to. It's a picture of me and his wife at a party a few years back. Kind of turned on by this I ask him if I can watch and in return he can cum on me.

He's rock hard and agrees. I figure he's cumming on my face or tits so I pull out the girls, drop to my knees and ask if here is ok.

He says he wants to cum on my ass while I wear my shorts. Interesting, right?

So I in besties hubs and ask if he wants jerk off on my ass too.

So both are hard now and jerking. I'm bent over the sink, tits out, watching these guys jerk off in the mirror when her hubs starts to cum and covers my right cheek, shorts on still, with cum.

He leaves, I at the mess in the mirror and grab this huge dick. "Your turn" I say

He turns me around and bends me over. He slides his dick under the shorts leg so now he's rubbing on my ass. Grabs my tits and starts grinding my ass cheek.

I really wish he was in me but he moans and lets out a huge load. He pulls out and I instantly drop my knees taste the left overs.
Date Night Swap
Posted:Aug 5, 2021 8:20 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

My bestie and I have been planning a date night swap for about a week now. Last night we went on .

My husband and I went over their house and said goodbye each other. My bestie's husband and I get in his car and I tell him wait. I watch as my husband left in our car and then grab her husband's dick hard.

I've been really horny since we put this together. Both couples have not been playing as we want a lot of fun tonight. I unzip his pants and am on all fours in his passenger seat. I'm very surprised, and even more horny now, to see he shaved his cock. "What is this?" I say. "You shaved him for my mouth?"

Before he could answer my lips are around his dick. I'm in a cute red sundress with a deep V neckline that shows the girls nicely and a black g string thong. Next thing I know one tit is out and my dress is pulled up and he's feeling my ass.

He's about to cum when I stop, close his garage door and get out of the car. I open his door get on all fours and say "All of it in my mouth, ok?" He swings his feet out of the car and I keep blowing until his warm load is in my mouth. Ok, done with appetizers.

We go out to a restaurant and bar before heading back to his place. On the way home I take off my thong, lift up my dress and grab his hand to start fingering me. I am so wet.

We get to his house and we rip off all of our clothes. I suck him until he's hard and go over to the couch on all fours. If you remember from my other blog I wanted him to do me doggy style in a bikini but he came quickly. Now is his chance to redeem himself.

He has another idea and flips me over to eat me out first. I end up cumming from that and head back to all fours. He slides in me and starts banging me hard. He always compliments me on my ass. It's nice, round, shakes well when getting it from behind.

So he's banging me hard. Sliding almost completely out before ramming again. I'm loving it and end up cumming on his dick. He's about to cum when I ask, "Do you want to cum on my face ?"

He flips me over and I'm watching him jerk off right in front of my face. My tongue is out, I'm moaning, staring up at him when loads start shooting out all over my face, tongue and dripping down to my tits.

We end up going to bed, naked and I'm covered in cum.

I wake up the next morning and see his cock. Little morning fun? I start blowing him and he wakes up and gets hard. I tell him I'll be leaving soon and ask him if he could my tits before I go.

I prop up some pillows so I'm leaning up a bit and spit between my tits. He climbs on top of my and I squeeze my tits together. He's grinding me. I'm giving his head some sucks and he goes in and out and now he wants to cum. He stops and stands up on the bed and starts jerking.

He wants to cover me in cum I thought so I tilt my head back, stick out my tongue and squeeze my tits together. He is loving this and lets the loads fly. When he's done he sticks his dick in my mouth to clean off the stragglers.

I get up to take a shower and I'm a little cum slut It's on my face, hair, tits, stomach.

My husband comes to pick me up and I want to ride him as well so we get home, take a shower and do it doggy style in the shower where he covers my ass in delicious cum.
F Cups In Town
Posted:Jul 29, 2021 9:07 am
Last Updated:Aug 13, 2021 5:52 am

One of my friends from college has F cups, which I love. She's a taller, thicker woman with beautiful breasts and she asked if she could stay the night while she was in town visiting family.

We have played with her and her husband before it's just that they live out of state. So she's in town and starts bitching about their sex life. Her husband is good looking, good package but he cums quickly. Like when I'm about to cum I try to hide my cumming face and moans otherwise he pulls out and shoots his load. And I'm left with my fingers.

So I ask if she wants a night with my hubs. She agrees but is very adamant about not doing any foreplay to him as she wants to get off riding a dick. I tell him, their game and I want to watch.

So they both get naked, she loves having her tits sucked and we both love doing that so each of us take a boob. Hubby is hard in like two seconds and she wants the D so she flips over on all fours and wants it doggy style. I love this because I get a hand on her ass and hand on her boob.

They go at it for a while, she cums, tells him he can cum and when he's ready he grabs my hand from her ass and makes me jerk him off all over her ass. So !

I take her the shower where I lick the cum off her ass and we clean up. May have both fingered each other but wants hear about that.

In the morning I hear her come into the bedroom. She's dressed and ready to leave but wants one more thing. She wakes hubs, lifts her shirt and ploops her F cups in his face with her sports bra on. Then starts sucking him until he's hard.

I'm loving this and it's very unexpected. She says, as a thank you, you can my tits and slides him under her sports bra. She has a low cut sports bra on so I can see her tits and his head pop through.

This is hubs favorite thing do / cum on so he's loving . She squeezes these massive tits around his dick and before long he shoots a long stream up her chest and another falls on her left tits and on the sports bra.

She thanks him, gets up and sucks him a bit more then she's puts on her tank top and says she has to leave. I ask if she needs help cleaning up the mess and she says, No it will give me something to eat in the car.

Holy shit! I'm staring at a cum stream on her chest and another starting to leak through her shirt. And she just left the house wearing my husbands load.

I hope her husband cums early all the time.
Fuck Me Bikini
Posted:Jul 23, 2021 7:47 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2021 5:02 am
I love playing in water. Oceans, pools, lakes... My high school boyfriend had a pool and I'd give him handjobs in the water late at night all the time. I'm pretty sure his dad saw me completely naked getting dressed one night after some handjob fun.

Good thing my bestie has a pool. I've been super horny after my bestie, husband and I had a three sum so I thought I'd go get some more.

I bought this me bikini strictly get laid in. This picture is not me but the swimsuit I bought.

My husband was at work the day it was delivered so I called my besties husband and asked if I could take a dip. I put it on under some shorts and tshirt and headed over.

When I got I asked if he wanted see my new swimsuit. He said yes, I undressed and told him it's really a me suit. He smiled and I dropped my knees.

I was sucking FOREVER and still just a limp chub.

I asked what was going on and he didn't know. I told him 's a me suit, not blowjob suit. So I go over their couch, lean over the back, move the thong the side and tell him I need dick, hoping a little dirty talk would get him harder.

Finally he's in me. He has a hand on my ass and one on my tit. He starts trusting, moaning and then cums on my ass. You kidding?! I'm throwing myself at him and he cums early.

Frustrated, I leave so fast I pull up my shorts forgetting 's a warm load on my ass.

I get home and hubby is home. He's surprised as I walk in in this sheer swimsuit and shorts. I don't even say anything. I go over him, make out with him and pull out his dick. A few jerks and he's hard. I blow him for a bit get him wet and head over our couch.

Pull off my shorts and say watch out for bestie's husband's load. He laughs, I told him later.

He pulls my thong to the side in the way. Hand on my ass, hand on my tits and gets in me. I cum quickly and he's still thrusting. He gets me off again before needing blow. I'm so happy with him that I get back on my knees and swallow his load. I never do that. If you're in me you blow on me. Today I was feeling slutty.

Later that night he wanted to cum on my tits in the swimsuit so we did a quick missionary with titjob finish. I love my hubs.
Porn fantasy
Posted:Jul 20, 2021 9:42 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2021 10:10 pm

My best friend caught her husband watching porn and questioned him about it. He said he'd been watching more two girl blowjobs because he was fantasizing about me and her doing it to him.

She shared that with me and then showed me the video he really liked and I was on board to help out

Here's the video:

In the video, I'm the one in the black dress / black thong. I see why he likes this video as all of the actors look like us.

We did everything in the video. Made out, blowjobs, he fucked me first, fingering... The only difference was she let him cum insider her.

When we were getting dressed she asked me to find a video so her and I can do that with my husband so my question to everyone is, do you have a favorite porn video that would be great for 2 girls and 1 guy?
What Would You Do?
Posted:Jun 29, 2021 2:20 pm
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2021 9:33 am

I'm super horney today. So horney I've been playing with myself for a good part of the day. Playing just enough so I don't cum. I want hubs to do that for .

I'm going meet him at the door today wearing just a thong. What would you want from the options below?
Me on top
Legs on my shoulders
0 Comments , 5 votes
"Cum On My Face, Now"
Posted:Jun 28, 2021 8:49 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

We had a wedding to go to this weekend and my husband is always super horny after them. I asked him why he's so horny after weddings once and he said it's because there is cleavage and ass everywhere in sexy dresses. It typically leads to us have great sex because he's so riled up.

We ended up getting home late that night so nothing happened but last night I wanted to play so we're having a few drinks on the patio, just hanging out. It's getting fairly dark and we have a pretty private backyard so around 8:30p I grabbed his dick and told him to fuck me on the dec

This was a straight to business fuc I stroked him a few times and he was hard. Neither of us went down on each other he got hard and we pulled our shorts down. I wasn't wearing underwear, surprise!

I said we need to whisper as I still heard neighbors. He's fucking me good. Nice and slow. I cum twice on him and when I notice he's about to go I whisper in his ear, "cum all over my face"

He was surprised. I usually swallow or let him unload on my ass and tits but today I was feeling slutty for him.

He pulls out and climbs over my chest. I put his head on my lips and start stroking while whispering things like:

"Give it to me. Cum all over my face. Cum on my mouth. I want your load baby. Cum on my face, Now!"

That one did it. Cum now and he was whisper moaning as cum covers my mouth, running down my nec He's done and I put his head in my mouth and stroke out a few more.

We head inside, hope the neighbors didn't hear.

I forgot just how much he shoots after being horny for a while that I may have taking a cum selfie to send to the bestie.

Bye for now.
Blonde Three-way Fun
Posted:Jun 25, 2021 7:55 am
Last Updated:May 22, 2024 7:14 am

If you read our first blog we with a fairly regular group.

My fit blonde friend with fantastic fake C cup tits has been having a rough time with guys, jobs, life so I asked if was anything we could do and she perked up and said she could use a great .

I wanted give her that so two nights ago hubs and I went at . My hope was he wouldn't be too horny for her and blow his load early.

So last night we head to her house and have a few drinks which leads to her and I blowing hubby. She's on his cock and I'm on his balls. I'm really a supportive role in getting her off. Then she tells us that reverse cowgirl is her favorite position and cums really hard during it so I tell her hop on him.

She's riding him, loving . I'm sucking her tits, rubbing her clit, loving it when I get the urge eat her out while she's on my hubby. I slowly kiss my way down, push her back a bit and lick up his cock and her clit. She's loving every minute of it and I see hubby grabbing her tits. This is the second girl I've eaten out. I think I like this

She cums two times on him and jumps off tell us she wants swallow cum. So her lips make back his cock, I jump on his balls when I feel her hand start playing with my clit. I'm almost about cum when hubby starts moaning. I'm now sucking his balls, rubbing her tits, she's rubbing my clit and giving him head when he blows a nice warm load in her mouth as I cum from her finger.

I sit back and watch her finish him. Hands now stroking. Not a drop of cum missed.

I love my hubs and friends. Bye for now.

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